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Blessings and peace, brethren!

I am honored to be connecting with you all once again virtually and soon around the sacred fire! I feel Blessed to come together once again here in Central Florida and join forces for a higher purpose. We will pray to our Mother Earth, sing traditional songs and ask the great spirits for peace on our lovely planet Earth!

The Spirit of Ceremony

During these times of great turbulence, it’s very important to ground ourselves in light and truth, and to harness the powerful energy that the universe is now making available to all of humanity! These sacred ceremonies are a way for us to connect with Mother Nature in her pure beauty and full force—the energy of the forest that fuels these medicines is no joke! We are here to pray and to cleanse away old patterns and paradigms that no longer serve us. In order to create the society in which we want to live, we must first release these ancestral memories that are no longer helpful to our global community. The medicines show us the way.

We look to indigenous ways and ancient traditions to help us remember how to live in harmony with our planet. To live in harmony with our earth and all beings. Four-legged critters, bugs, trees and grass, humans, even the wind and the rain—we are all one. And through these rituals, we can remember a bit of our true potential as beings that hold within us the power of the ancients and the whole universe.

We join in our sacred circle to become ourselves, destroy the negative patterns, and lose the restricting thoughts. We come together to take sacred medicines that allow us to move forward with our own uniqueness and purpose, so you can BE YOU. These sacraments can show you the mirror of your life and the image of your future, and through this increased knowledge of self, may you be of service to our unfolding humanity.

With peace on all levels and only harmony in our hearts, may we transcend these tests together.

Plant ceremony are a powerful ritual that we are able to use to effect positive change in our lives using Hape’, Sananga, and Ayahuasca.


Is a tobacco snuff used by the Huni Kuin people to open up our minds, strengthen our physical bodies and our spirits. We use the snuff to prepare us mentally and physically for the other medicines.


Made from the root of the Sananga plant, this medicine is used in the eyes as eye drops. It clears up your vision internally and externally, gives one good luck and protects from negative attachments.  It can alleviate heachaches and enhances your dream states.


A sacred medicine used by indigenous cultures all around the Amazon has a whole process to become the magical liquid that she is.  Made from the vine and chakruna leaves . The vine has the force and the leaves bring the vision. The plant medicine used in our ceremonies come directly from the anaconda. It has the power to help you purge anything you are holding onto and heal spiritually and mentally.

About the Me

I am a Former Marine and of First Nations decent. My Journey of healing began when I the Marines and was lost and had to connect back to my roots and the earth. I found my way with the help of other healers and the power within myself. Learning the old ways of my people, I work with veterans with pstd and anyone who needs a little guidance. I seek enlightenment and understanding for myself and my intention is to help others. This is my purpose and passion in life, is to help others set themselves free from the burdens in themselves. I am here to show you that you are your own healer and have that power within you. I love you all and hope to work with you. Spread the Light and Love! AHO.

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Disclaimer: This page was written for educational purposes only. It is not intended to recommend, treat, diagnose, prescribe or heal any health condition or to replace standard medical treatment or advice.  It is not also not a comment on the legality of Native American plant ceromonies in any state for any reason.