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When I worked as a professional software engineer for AT&T Bell Laboratories, I was a member of the AT&T corporate running team.  At that time, one component of AT&T Bell Laboratories was located in Naperville, Illinois, which is a city about 30 miles south west of the city of Chicago.

We would do at least one track workout each week and meet on the weekends to complete a long distance run.

The AT&T corporate running team would compete just about every weekend in road races and in selected track meets all across the country.

As you can see from the picture above I have run a large number of races over the years and collected a large number of medals for placing in my age group and finishing long races such as 26.2 mile marathons and 13.1 mile half-marathons.

The AT&T running team was very competitive and there were a couple of runners who could run about 4:10 mile.  On my best days, I was running about a minute plus slower, or could run about a 5:30 pace per mile at that time.

One spring day the team was racing a short race near our work facility, a distance of 6 kilometers which is about 3.73 miles.  There were about 100+ people in the race including members of the AT&T corporate running team.

That particular spring day, magic happened for me.  I won the road race.  I was the first runner to cross the finish line and was the overall winner.  My time was 20:32 which was about a 5:30 per mile pace and I missed the course record by just two seconds.

That spring day everything aligned for me, magic happened and I was of the overall winner of that road race. 

Even though several of my teammates could run faster than me.  That spring day, my teammates expected me to eventually slow down or give up running the 5:30 pace per mile I ran, but I never did.  By the time they realized it, they could not catch up to me.

It was the only time in my life I won a large road race.  I have won my age group many times over the years, but that spring day was the only time I was the overall winner in a road race.

Magic” is defined as “a power influencing a course of events by with mysterious or supernatural forces.

To successfully manifest anything into your life you need to apply your own “magic” powers in two places, in the energetic realm (e.g., with meditation, intentions, declarations, visualizations, etc.) and in the physical realm (e.g., with physical actions, etc.).

Did I apply my own magic to manifest winning the road race?

Probably.  I had been setting intentions and doing visualizations in the energetic realms to become a better runner. 

I also had been training really hard and running very well that year in the physical realm. 

When you race, you race against the people who show up that I day.  I just happened to want to win the race more than the other 100+ people running the race, including my usually faster teammates.

I am a lifelong runner.  I have been running almost every day since I was in junior high.  Running is my me-time, my freedom time, my stress management time.  Running is a big part of who I am as soul in this lifetime.

I did another blog post and podcast on the concept of Magic and Manifestation.  Check them out if you want some additional techniques for using magic to manifest things in your life you truly desire.

The letter M in the word Magic caused me to think about something. The letters, words and numbers we use on a daily basis all have very interesting meanings.

Every letter in the English alphabet has a “spiritual” meaning.

Do you know the powerful spiritual meanings and the numerology behind the letter M?

Using positive words that start with the letter M creates a positive impact in your life.  Do you believe in using Magic for Manifesting the life you desire?  I do. Both of these words start with the letter M.

Out There on the Edge of Everything® …

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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