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Who Am I? I am me, I am you, I am everybody. I AM.

I have spent my entire life in broadcasting as a commercial Voiceover Talent, Radio Producer, On-Air Personality, and Operations Manager for The Larry King Show. I am happily married with two amazing adult children. I am a musician, songwriter, and audio producer.

I have also spent decades researching Truth, through uncountable sources and publications dating back to ancient Israel, Greece, Tibet, and Egypt … among others. Thousands of hours have been spent studying ancient pagan writings, holy scriptures, mysticism, philosophy, metaphysics, quantum physics, science, organized religion, and the histories of many faith systems.

I speak fluid Greek, which has helped me on my journey to understand the old world, and the new world … and to bridge them both together. I have an extensive personal library filled with hundreds of books from all over the globe. Some hard to find, some hard to define. Many of them rare, and cherished. I also have over 80 hard copy versions of the Bible in multiple editions and languages, including a reproduction of the 1611 King James in its original English prose.

I have written hundreds of articles over the years, and have published them on Social Media and Internet websites. I present my findings, and in turn, hope they inspire others to seek the origins of all things … both consciously, and physically … though they are not that different. I am currently at work on a book that has taken me years to write.

I also have studied Mind and Mentalism. The power of the subconscious Mind to create, and the power of the conscious Mind to influence that which is created. The seen and the unseen realms. The Universe, multiverses, time, space, and dark matter. Angels, Gematria/Numerology, geographic origins, Astrotheology, Astrology, Astronomy, Inner Earth Agartha, Atlantis and Lemuria, the Annunaki, ancient visitations, and early accomplishments of many civilizations and languages.

It is my hope that by bringing the back story, the esoteric and metaphysical message left behind by the ancients, that I can help to make the world a better, living, compassionate, and enlightened place. There is no “other” in this world. There is only One consciousness, One Source of all that is, and One present moment. The Great Architect and Animator of Life set forth 7 Universal laws for us to follow. These are the very foundation of all Life.

My physical journey has been coloured by many surgeries, illnesses, and challenges, including an NDE in 2012. All have driven me deeper into the meaning of Life, and have led me to question why we are all here. Why we experience love and fear, yet accomplish both with one central nervous system and emotional point of origin. How the Divine Oneness of Source Energy experiences Life with us, through us, and AS US.

I am an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Ordained Philosopher, and Ordained Clergy Person with multiple universal organizations that recognize the oneness of all existence. Join me in my journey for Truth as we explore the ancient knowledge of who and what we all are. You won’t be disappointed. Welcome to the “Apocalypsis” … a Greek word for the unveiling of what was once hidden. This, is the Revelation of Truth.

~Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP.

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