I am @NicolesMBM on FB, IG, and

I am @NicolesMBM on FB, IG, and Twitter

Questions I get asked most often: Why do you give psychic readings to your personal training clients?
How are your training sessions different from other personal trainers?
You mentioned a mind-body oracle on IG how does that work?
Give me a sense of what your biggest accomplishment has been since you combined your psychic readings with your personal training clients?
What are the biggest issues you’ve encountered when giving readings to your clients?
Do you ever come across someone who has had a negative reaction?
Do you give psychic readings during your workouts with people?
When did you start doing this?
What are the most common mistakes people make when they are trying to lose weight or get fit?
How did COVID affect your business?
How do you not get stressed knowing everyone else’s issues?
Do you give yourself a body reading to get results?