Who Were You Listening To All Those Years?

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As children, we are all taught what our parents, schools, spiritual leaders, family, and friends tell us. We assume these things to be true. After all, why would so many people so close to us offer lies and deceptions? The answer is pretty simple … they probably didn’t know any better. They were just regurgitating what they had been taught.

This is why it is so very important that we investigate those things that we have been taught. Things like love, hate, entitlement, racism, etc. We are born innocent. A fresh new hard drive ready for information. Everything comes at us at high rates of speed. We are bombarded with information, lessons, directions, commands, and at the bottom of the heap … a barrage of mindless TV shows, “News” media, negative lyrics in music, and many other distractions and programs.

Upon reaching a certain age, we should take it upon ourselves to become more inquisitive of all things. And not just inquisitive, but we must study and research diligently. But instead, we follow the masses and are continuously bombarded with distractions. Constant distractions that keep us away from the real issues. The Ancient Romans invented a process called “Bread & Circus.” It was basically this: keep the masses fed and entertained, and we can do whatever we want … right under their nose. This system is still in use today. The schools, the media, social functions, college, church, temple, mosque, work, etc. All of them keeping us distracted long enough so that we cannot raise our consciousness and discover our own Personal Truths that can be both empowering, and life-changing … for ALL of humanity.

Instead, we are fed a constant diet of fear and guilt, either intentionally or knowingly. Not just by our own loving parents, but by government agencies that seek to control the masses and keep thinking and questioning to a minimum. I implore you, make today the perfect day to break free from the chains that bind you. Seek Wisdom and Truth. Your thoughts create your reality. Your actions help to create everyone’s ultimate reality. What one person thinks and acts upon, can affect hundreds, if not thousands or millions. You are a powerful creator. You are a Divine Spark of the God/Source of the universe … and yes … ONE person can make a difference in the world. Seek Truth, and you will find freedom and liberty like you have never known.

Just a thought …

~Justin Taylor ORDM.

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Justin Taylor

Ordained Universal Philosopher & Metaphysician. International Voiceover Talent and Multimedia Producer. Www.UniversalPhilosopher.com Www.Genesology.com

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