Rebecca Argentine Realigns Your Present By Accessing Your Past Soul’s Akashic Records

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Sometimes, it’s a happy accident that sets you on your life’s path. For Rebecca Argentine, it was after she encouraged her husband to have a tarot reading at a local metaphysical shop.

In early 2021, her husband’s reader suggested he look into learning about Akashic records. Instead, Rebecca did the research and came across Soul Realignment™ as a way to access a person’s Akashic records. She was drawn to this opportunity and enrolled in the class.

With a background in social work, counseling, and life coaching, Rebecca was looking for a change, something where she could combine her love of the spiritual with her passion for helping people.

She then did a reading for her husband. Armed with newfound information, he transformed from a metaphysical skeptic to a firm believer, and Rebecca’s future unexpectedly found her.

Certified in Akashic reading, crystal reading, and oracle messenger cards, with the positive response of her husband, Rebecca took a leap of faith. She reached out to the community about her gift.

If you’ve never heard of Akashic readings and soul realignment, you are not alone. With little more than your full name, date, and place of birth, Rebecca meditates. She grounds herself, visualizes herself in a room where your soul’s history lies, and opens your “personnel” file during the meditation. Rebecca asks precise questions in a row, using her pendulum to receive an answer of yes, no, or maybe for up to two hours. She takes detailed notes about everything she is given about that particular soul’s journey, including the number of past lives, whether in the past, male or female, information about your spirit guides, and whether work needs to be done in this lifetime to repair damage in past souls.

Whether it be something seen, music or sounds heard, or physical sensations, she takes the information she is given and compiles the data shared to create the story of you. In addition to details that validate your current experiences, your existence in this life, she offers a crystal reading telling you what crystals will benefit you. She pulls oracle cards to provide additional messages.

“I go in with pure intention and pure love. I ask my spirit guides and your spirit guides to provide me the information that you need to receive,” Rebecca said. “When I discovered I could let a person truly learn about who they are soul level, I realized this was my path, my way to help people. I help people to understand this is why they do something or think something, and it’s okay because this is who they are at a soul level.”

Sometimes, after gathering the data for the customer, Rebecca is exhausted from the experience. She needs to go outside or grab her grounding stick because she has experienced all the emotions your soul presented to her.

“Depending on how open a person is and how much their guides are willing to show me, I can feel everything. I can get sick to my stomach going through the violence a person has experienced, feeling it, or getting pictures in my mind of how they were – their personality. It’s really whatever the person’s soul is willing to give me. Everyone is different.”

Rebecca responded to nonbelievers that the details she gathers in an Akashic reading are not something you can find readily available online with your supplied information.

“I can’t Google things that are very private to you. I can’t Google your thoughts. You have to believe me when I say this is what is impacting your current life.”

She gave a serious example. “When I say you had an abortion and they respond, ‘how would you know that?’ It’s because I was shown that. That isn’t something you normally post on social media. Everyone I’ve ever done a reading for says, ‘there’s no way you could have known that. I didn’t tell anyone that. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me.’ An Akashic record is so personal. I’m finding that you have this thought about yourself, and you’ve not told a single person that you’ve had these self-doubts, and it’s affecting you or causing you to be sick.”

She gave an example of a client with an ulcer. She sensed the pain, and after, the client authenticated her information.

Rebecca is excited to help you learn about your gifts, often validating the choices you’ve made in this lifetime or helping you figure out what your soul still needs for them to do.

As part of her training, Rebecca had to access her own Akashic record. Reading her record, she received the validation that providing this service was what she was supposed to do.

“When I discovered soul alignment and Akashic records, I said this is me, this is mine. This is what I am supposed to be doing. I felt so connected. I found me. The longer I’ve been doing it, the more skilled I become at accessing the records,” she said. “Knowing who I am has helped me and everyone I have been blessed with doing a reading.”

While the reason for getting an Akashic reading is different for everyone, Rebecca said that you should learn who you are at your soul level.

“You have a birthright to know that you are a beautiful and divine being, and you have gifts and a connection to a divine source – whatever you may call it – God, light, spirit. This can help heal people. A reading can help validate things for you or help you change your path. A reading can be very transformational.”

To learn more or schedule an online appointment, visit, email Rebecca at, or call 727-238-7772.

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Deborah Bostock-Kelley

In addition to writing for Positive Impact, Deborah owns The WriteOne Creative Services - graphic design, web design, and copywriting, produces Life Amplified showcase for charity, and is a theatre reviewer for Broadway World, Creative Loafing Magazine, Watermark Online, Patch, a reporter for Tampa Bay News and Lifestyles Magazine, and past newspaper journalist for The Tampa Tribune with 20+ years in journalism and business copywriting. She is a twice-published author of a children's early reader, The Alien and Me and Damaged Goods: Narrative Unendings from Inside My Heart and Mind. Deborah is also a multi-time playwright for Powerstories Theatre, Carrollwood Players Theatre, Tarpon Arts, and Tampa Bay Theatre Festival, and the scriptwriter for The Actor's Clinic actor's TV show.

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