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There is a saying attributed to the U.S. Navy Seals (and possibly other branches of the military) when you are facing any kind of adversity, you should focus on a “three-foot world.

In this context, your “three-foot world” is an area three-feet around you in every direction.  This three-foot space provides you with a small area of interest in which you can directly control, affect, influence or touch.

You may be feeling anxious, sad, depressed, fearful or other negative emotions generated by a person, situation or event in your life that is causing the adversity. 

Expressing such negative emotions have no effect on and do nothing to eliminate the adversity or change the person, situation or event in your life that triggered the negative emotions outside of your three-foot world.

To find an appropriate solution to any kind of adversity, you need to first find a solution within your three-foot world.  You empower yourself by focusing on what you can do from within your three-foot world and not on what you can’t or might not be able to do, outside your three-foot world.

Always focusing first on your three-foot world allows you to create empowered solutions to overcome any adversity you are facing your life.

Although living in a three-foot world is very empowering and can help you overcome any adversity you are facing in your life, it can also be very limiting.

How can you enhance the advantages of operating in your three-foot world to effectively address people, events and situations that exist outside your three-foot world?

Operating both inside of and outside of your three-foot world based on intuitive insights you have collected for yourself helps you to create a positive impact in your own life.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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