Are you at a crossroads?

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A literal definition of a cross road is “a point at which two roads cross.”

In life, a “cross road” is defined as “a point at which a crucial decision must be made that will have far-reaching consequences.”

One reason you are at a cross roads in your life is because you are facing unwanted change.

Unwanted change occurs in your life when you are facing a breakup, betrayal by a significant other, divorce, death, loss of a job, being passed over for a promotion, a loss of living situation, etc.

Another reason you are at a cross roads in your life is because you have a desire to intentionally initiate change into your life.

You have an inner knowing that you need to do, become and experience something different in your life.

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When at a cross roads, you have to make a choice about which of two paths to follow.  The two paths typically never meet up again.

In the simplest case, you choose from two possibilities. One road leads to the left and the other to the right.

The two roads have very different energies.  The two roads provide a stark contrast in your life.

The first road, includes a heavy energy that will keep you stuck where you are and leave you in a dis-empowered state and is based on negative emotions such as anxiety, anger, despair, fear, guilt, hopelessness, sadness, etc.

Fear is a very powerful emotion that can keep you stuck and prevent you from choosing a different road.

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The second road, includes a lighter more powerful energy includes the potential for significant positive change, from an empowered state based on positive emotions such as amusement, contentment, curiosity, happiness, hope, interest, joy, love, etc.

Everybody has that point in their life where you hit a crossroads and you’ve had a bunch of bad days and there’s different ways you can deal with it.Taylor Swift – American Singer Songwriter

Are you at a cross roads in your personal life?

Are you at a cross roads in a relationship? 

Are you at a cross roads in your professional life?

Are you at a cross roads in your current job?

How can you choose the correct road to follow when you are facing a cross roads in your life?

  1. Decide what really matters to you.  Ask yourself these two questions: (1) “What really matters to me?” and (2) “Why does this matter to me?”  Take time to reflect upon then, write down your answers.  These are simple open-ended questions that are challenging to answer for most people.  Be honest with yourself.  Listen to what your heart and soul are trying to tell you.  For example, for most people, it is the relationships, friendships, experiences and the memories they create, that provide a rich and deeply meaningful life and that is what matters most to them.
  2. Decide what end result you desire.  After deciding what really matters to you, ask yourself these questions: (1) “What is the end result I desire?” (2) “How does this end result, align with my soul plan, life’s purpose, my values and boundaries?” and (3) “How does this end result align with my personal or professional goals?” Write down the end result you desire and so you can fairly evaluate it. For example, the end result most people desire is one in which they are appreciated, acknowledged, loved and valued for the person they are.  An end result in which they are confident, empowered, hopeful, optimistic, have faith and trust in themselves and in a Higher Power.
  3. Choose Wisely.  Are you have determined what really matters to you and the end result that you desire, make a wise choice to choose the proper road at the cross roads in your life.  To make a wise choice and chose the correct road at the cross roads in your life, you need to evaluate how the person, situation or events that really matter to you and the end result you desire will provide a positive outcome in your life.  Ask yourself these questions: To the obtain the result you desire: (1) “What are all the possible positive outcomes?” (2) “What are the risks I will encounter for obtaining these positive outcomes?” (3) and “What are the rewards resulting for obtaining these outcomes?”  Then make a decisive choice and choose that road to travel away from the cross roads in your life towards a life you truly desire.

Choosing a new road a cross roads in your life will help you make a positive impact in your own life and those in your own sphere of influence.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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