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Positive Impact Global Online –

Basic – 1 Year Membership Only $1.66 a month!

Yearly Price: $19.99

This is an opportunity to become a member of the Positive Impact Global community. Become a member of a vibrant social community that is creating a movement that shares a passion to make a positive difference globally.

Get instant exclusive access to an active community of good news stories & inspirational people from around the globe. Join us on a mission to discover, share and demonstrate simple ways in which one person can make a positive difference in their own community, improving their own state of mind and manifesting miracles, joy and peace in the world, one small step at a time.

Not only are you becoming a member, you are donating to a movement that helps others and spreads good news all over the world.

A 1 year subscription that’s only $1.66 a month!

Here are some of the exclusive benefits you will receive as a member that are not available without a membership subscription:

  • Take part and support in creating a movement to make a positive impact globally as a subscription member.
  • Access to exclusive bi-monthly inspirational & educational online publications.
  • Access to exclusive product offers.
  • Access to premium interviews, posts and podcasts.
  • Recieve coupons for all product offers.
  • Receive discounts for tickets and fees to events, classes, and seminars.
  • VIP access to events to pay-it-forward sponsored by Positive Impact Global.
  • Receive the ability to submit articles, photos & Illustrations for review by Positive Impact Global editors with the potential for payment and publication in the digital or print version of the magazine.
  • We are adding more features and benefits all the time!
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As Always,
Peace Love Joy
Love Infinity

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Love Infinity

Love Infinity (aka Charity) is a global influencer on a mission to share the power of unconditional love with people world-wide.

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