Althea Gray – Professional Clearer® Master Class – 2021

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Image: Althea Gray
Photo: Althea Gray

Althea Gray, founder of Professional Clearer®, is excited to offer for a 3rd year her SAFE AND PROFESSIONAL methodology for clearing unseen dark forces that could be causing health problems, depressions, anxiety, bad luck.  

Althea has spent 15 years developing a methodology that can be learned by everyone.  Clear clients all over the world from your desk.  
Aletha says “Her methodology works 100 percent and results are felt instantly.”

A full course syllabus will be given before classes begin.

  • 12 monthly modules – live classes.
  • Study course materials designed specifically for the Professional Clearer® certification course.
  • Guest Speakers (live and recorded)
  •  On location practicum in New Mexico  – Dates TBD * Travel, Lodging and Meals not included.
  • Compulsory Case Study requirements: Person, Houses and Commercial Properties
  • You will become experts in clearing people and places thousands of miles away, instantly, from your desk. You will never have to go to the location
  • You will learn the language of the ‘Unseen World’ and be able to speak intelligently about dark forces in your findings
  • You will learn how to evaluate precisely what type of  dark forces that are affecting your client and their environment
  • You will learn why Professional Clearing is a form of healing
  • You will receive a special Gold Kit and learn how to remediate (heal) a property and person using light.
  • You will learn the ethics of this profession.
  • You will learn how to interview clients
  • You will learn how to market your new skills


– Dead People
 – Negative Entities
 – Negative Extra Terrestrial Energies
 – Spells
 – Enchantments
 – Psychic Attacks
 – Presence of Evil
 – Spells from Past Lives
 – Enchantments from Past Lives
 – Vows from Past Lives
 – Negative Imprints
 – Portals
 – Detrimental Extra Terrestrial Implants
 – Family Curses
 – Vows of Poverty
 – Black Magic
 – Present Vows and Agreements
 – Clear Ancient Anunnaki implants
 – Possession (Non Demonic)
 – Charms (Non Demonic)
 – Time Lines that block
 _  Undo blocks in 12 dimensions and 16 different chakras
 _  Undo Spells, Curses, Hexes
And much more…….

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Positive Impact Life Disclaimer: This class and its descrption are for educational purposes only. It is not intended to speak to the accuracy of any information presented on the post or in the class.

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