Is This Really New? Energy (Not Waves or Particles) May Be the Building Blocks of the Universe

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According to a recent article written by Larry M. Silverberg, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, North Carolina State University and republished on Interesting Engineering:

Energy lines” may be the building blocks of the Universe.

According to the article, “energy” as made up of “lines” that fill up a region of space and time, flowing into and out of that region, never beginning, never-ending.

It is thought the “energy lines” can be used to accurately make predictions about the Universe at the largest and tiniest scales.

For those of you interested in math and physics, “energy lines” are defined mathematically as “energy fragments” and the mathematical equation, A = -⍺/r, where ⍺ is an intensity and r is a distance function.

Is this recent finding by scientists really anything new?

Most mind-body-spirit practitioners and even most religions have always understood that everything in the Universe is made of energy that is constantly moving. 

Prayers, intentions, declarations, affirmations, mantras, chants, etc. are all based on energy and energy lines.” 

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

Many intuitive, mediums and others who give people “readings” (i.e., a procedure to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities) will typically tune into “energy lines” that are the “brightest” (i.e., have a largest amount of energy) and represent a prediction at that instant in time, a greatest probability from the set of infinite possibilities that something is most likely to occur in a given time frame after the reading.

Your Intuition also emanates from the energy lines of a Higher Power and provides you with Divine guidance and Divine intelligence.

Your Intuition is your inner guidance system, that operates on an energetic vibration of truth and love and helps you stay authentic and in integrity with your soul plan.

Most mind-body-spirit practitioners consider your intuition as your “first sense,” the sense you should rely on and use most often in your life before you use any of your other five senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

How can you tune into your intuition and the energy lines around you?

  1. Quiet Yourself.  Go to a place where you won’t be interrupted.  Close your eyes.  Use rhythmic breathing to calm and quiet yourself.  One type of rhythmic breathing is breathing in, holding, breathing out, pausing and repeating for the same amount of time (e.g., 4-6 seconds).  As you breathe, let your thoughts come and go.  If you need a visual, picture yourself as a rock in the middle of a stream and your thoughts the water flowing past the rock.  Do not try to control or suppress your thoughts.  Just let them come and go as you breathe.
  2. Focus on Self-Awareness. When you are relaxed, focus first on your physical body from the inside out.  What are you hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching at the present moment?  Then focus on your emotions.  What is your emotional state at the present moment?  What emotions are you feeling from moment-to-moment?  If your emotions are negative such as fear, sadness, anger, etc., which are lower energy, shift your emotions to something positive such as love, happiness, peace, etc.  Since your intuition operates at a higher vibrational energy state, it is easier to tune into your intuition when you are feeling positions emotions.
  3. Listen with Your Whole Self. Information from energy lines will “drop” into you via your intuitionThe drop of information as energy lines into your intuition is a warm feeling in your heart-space, something that just pops into your head, or that ah-hah moment you have without thinking. Your intuition always provides you with feelings of clarity and distinctness.  The information you receive from your intuition is something you just know, is true and correct.   Remember, your intuition operates outside your ego and your intuition and your ego are not in sync in time. Your intuition pops in instantaneously from the energy lines while your ego always arrives at a later moment in time and is based on your thoughts and responses to your current environment.

Using your intuition to read the energy lines around you on a regular basis will help you create a positive impact in your own life and in the lives of others.

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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