The Wisdom of Yoda

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I just happened to see this soap in the store this past week.

When I saw Yoda’s picture on it, I bought a bar.

(I have no affiliation with the soap company and I am not getting any compensation to used it in this blog post).

As a trademark attorney, I find the branding, “Wisdom Wash” very interesting.

The soap made me think about something. I have used this quote from Yoda for many years with my children when they say they are going to “try.”

When my children said they were going to try something, it meant that they really only to make an effort without following through with empowered actions to achieved the desired end result.

Master Yoda, a character said in the fictional Star Wars Movie – The Empire Strikes Back (1980):

“No. Try not, DO. Or do not. There is NO try.”

Master Yoda

A “master” is defined as “someone having or showing very great skill or proficiency.”

How you can apply the wisdom of Master Yoda and let it “wash” into your own life?

PODCAST – The Wisdom of Yoda

Here are three of my favorites from Master Yoda:

  1. Fear – In the Phantom Menace (1999), Master Yoda said:

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

Master Yoda

When you face fear in your own life, turn it into a new “Focused Empowered Action-based Reality.”

2. Reflection of Your Thoughts and Behaviors – In The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Master Yoda said:

“You will find only what you bring in.”

Master Yoda

Shifting your thoughts and behaviors with the acronym ACT, A-C-T, which stands for AcknowledgeCommit and Take Charge. Using ACT changes what you attract into your life because It IS what you ATTRACT with the Law of Attraction.

3. Living in The Present Moment – In The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Master Yoda said:

“Of the moment, be. In the moment, live. The art of remaining in the present, learn. Neither the past nor the future exists.”

Master Yoda

Living the in present moment is the point of deliberate creation, the zero-point energy field that creates magical experiences in your life.

Following the wisdom of Master Yoda helps you create a positive impact in your own life.

Out There on the Edge of Everything® …

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

Copyright © 2023, by Stephen Lesavich, PhD.  All rights reserved.

Certified solution-focused life coach and experienced business coach.

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