The Absence of Presence

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A number of months ago, I did a post and a blog post entitled: “The Presence of Absence.”

Is the “absence of presence,” the same thing as the “presence of absence?”

The answer is NO, they are very different concepts.

The “presence of absence” typically represents an emotional state associated with sadness or grief.  

The “presence of absence” includes a longing for something or someone that no longer physically exists in your life. 

Since absence has a presence in your life, it also has an energetic footprint, a vibrational offering that is sent out to the Universe.

I also did a blog post and podcast entitled “The Present Moment.”

Living the in present moment can create magical experiences in your life.

To live in the present moment, you need to be present in your life.  If you are present in your life, there is no absence of presence.

To live fully in the present moment, you need to remove the absence of presence.”Stephen Lesavich, PhD

I know you have experienced a number of people in your own life that are power present. When they enter a room, you can just “feel” their powerful presence, their energy.

In contrast, you have experienced a number of people who are not present, who have an absence of presence in their own life. When they enter a room, they are invisible. No one notices them.

If there is an absence of presence in your life, you are living a passive, re-active, dis-empowered state in which you just react to your life as it happens.


What does it mean to be present in your life?

  1.  You need to be physical present.  To be physically present, you need to be fully aware of all of your physical senses. To be fully present you must be aware of all five of your physical senses of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch at all times.
  2. You need to be emotionally present.  To be emotionally present, you need to be fully aware of all of your emotions.  To be fully present you must be experiencing emotions in the neutral (e.g., courage, etc.) to positive (e.g., happiness, joy, excitement, love, appreciation, gratitude, etc.) emotional range at all times.
  3. You need to be power present.  To be power present, you need to be fully aware of your power. Your “power” is the capacity or ability to direct or influence your own behavior and the course of events in your own life using your intuition. Your intuition is your connection to the Divine (i.e., God, Creator, Spirit, etc.).  You live your life from an active, pro-active, empowered state. A state of connection, collaboration and co-creation with the Divine in which you take responsibility for all your own decisions and actions.

Being fully present every moment allows you to create a positive impact in your own life.

Out There on the Edge of Everything®…

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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Certified solution-focused life coach and experienced business coach.

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