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Historical: Originally Published on positiveimpactmagazine.com on August 4, 2016
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By: Kathy Wallace

It’s no secret that Jeff Primack is passionate about Qigong and Food Healing. This intense and tenacious, yet cool and centered Qigong Master has impacted the lives of about 50,000 people through the QiRevolution Conferences, national events, books and his teachings. His events take place throughout the year and around the country. These conferences are high energy, well organized and fun for all those who attend.

I attended one of Jeff’s larger conferences in Orlando. I became so inspired by the practice of Qigong and the importance of the Food Healing program that I was determined to learn more and share with others. This experience left such an imprint on my life that I became a certified Qigong & Food Healing instructor through Jeff’s company, Supreme Science.

While still a college student at the University of Florida, Jeff discovered the intensity of the Qi (Life Force) during intense breath work training in New York. He knew he was hooked. He knew he was going to transform lives, including his own. He has always been candid about his digestive problems while in college that led him on a self-discovery path of foods that heal the body using books and training as his guides. This led Jeff to create food protocols and books which have helped people deal with diseases such as stomach cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, bone fractures, osteoporosis, high cholesterol and much more.

PIM: What is your passion, Jeff? And why?

Jeff Primack: My passion is Food Healing and Qigong. I love them both so equally that it is difficult for me to put Qigong or Food Healing in front of the other and they are so different that it is hard to say what I am most passionate about. I am passionate about Qigong because it transforms consciousness and it is healing to the body. It improves digestion and circulation problems, transforms consciousness and helps people relax. There is a whole component of spiritual liberation.

I am passionate about it because I see what it does to people like you. You became an instructor so you know what can happen in the presence of the Chi.I do not make it too mystical because I feel this is bad for Qigong. If I take the 9 Breath Method which is our most powerful breathing technique which is our most powerful breathing technique, it works in 45 seconds. I can take a group of high school kids, for example, that don’t really care about anything that I am saying, except once they do the breathing technique and they feel what it does to them, they are immediately interested. You can put me in a foreign country where people don’t understand me at all and I do just breathe out loud and have a group of people start breathing with me that transcend any language. Its like the language of Chi is breath. So, I am passionate because I feel like breath is that universal thing that can connect people.

It states in the scriptures that God breathed into the nostrils of man and man becomes a living soul. There is this idea that through true breathing and Food Healing we could likely return to the Garden of Eden. We could return back to the Tree of Life. We are not eating from the Tree of Life anymore. Most of humanity is eating from the “drive-through” tree, which is not a tree. So, as we are not eating from the Tree of Life then we are being cut off from God, too.

PIM: Let’s continue to talk about Food Healing, your other passion. Was there a particular incident that inspired you to take this path?

JP: I had digestion problems due to a dosage of antibiotics I took in college which destroyed my intestinal flora. So, I learned about Probiotics and the massive results that they give. I learned about digestive problems. I became fascinated through books, but then I met Qigong masters that knew about food being healing. Most Qigong masters eat what I would call not “intelligently,” meaning they are eating with the brief that Chi is transmuting the vibration. I’ve seen Qigong masters die because of that. You have to have balance of both. I trained with different teachers and I learned about smoothies…

Every experience was a a piece of the puzzle. In 2005, the conquering disease book [“Conquering Any Disease”] got written and is the most valuable book I have ever written. I am not planning to write another food book. I will edit that one always. I put only the most pertinent information in the book. For instance, avocado only had one page of information. You can look at a book all about avocado. People don’t have time for a book of avocado. People don’t need a book of avocado. What they need to know is what’s important and how to use it? The way the book was laid out, it was written with the idea that you need to know everything.

This forced me to be a summarizer. Part of my passion is to summarize. You know that’s my gift for Qigong and food healing. Many people want to make things complicated. The most valuable thing that happened was the discovery of protocols. I have so many people coming to me and asking, “Jeff, you know my mom has cancer and she’s been given three months to live. What would you recommend?” I say, “Well, I am not a doctor and I can’t do that.” And they say, “Well, the doctor has already told her she’s going to die, Jeff. Can you suggest a smoothie? I know you like smoothies…” Then I would say, “Well, add extra beets cleanse the blood and the immune system.” “Ok, try a rishu mushroom because this is the one with more beta-gluten and this is the one that boosts bone marrow production of macrophages and white blood cells.” Those same people came back to me and said, “She no longer has cancer since she did what you told us…” Then I said, “Wow, that is remarkable. Be sure to keep her going to the doctor. Remember that I am not a doctor…” The only cure is your body’s own immune system and your body’s intelligence in healing itself. I never try to replace medicine. I am a Qigong teacher. I know my place. There is a belief that our food has nothing to do with our disease. This is why the health care industry is making $3 trillion a year and everyone is broke.


No more excuses. You can visit Jeff’s website, www.qirevolution.com to learn more about Primack’s events where you could be sampling delicious healing foods or learn the best techniques in Qigong, the breath empowerment and how to breathe.

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