Are You Going Around in Circles in Your Life? – Podcast

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Do you are ever feel like you are just going around in circles in your life?  What energetic patterns are you repeating to give you the illusion you are traveling around in a circle?

Let me share with you another true story.

As you may know by reading my blog posts and listening to my podcasts, that I have worked as a janitor in a bar. I also worked as a janitor at a grade school which included the grades of kindergarten through six grade. 

Each day for a couple of weeks I would carefully paint the lines on the circles with yellow paint.  Each day, several times a day, I would pick a starting point with my paint roller on a circle and follow a circular path around the circle, ending up where I started.  I was using gallons and gallons of paint and traveling miles the painting lines. Yet, I always ending up back where I started on the circle.

What if the energetic circles in your life are not circles at all, but are unique revolutions on a circular path on a spiral?

Thus, each time you face the same challenge, situation or event in your life, you are actually viewing it from higher vantage point from which you can observe it with a greater clarity and make new free will decisions to avoid old patterns and situations that no longer serve you.

How can you view the repetitive patterns that occur with people, situations and events in your life as cycles on a three-dimensional upward spiral instead of a path on a two-dimensional circle that keeps you going round-and-round to make a positive impact in your life?

Changing your point of view and your actions to remove or alter repetitive patterns allows you to make a positive impact in your own life and the life of others who may be part of your repetitive patterns.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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