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Everything in the Universe is made of energy that is constantly moving. 

We all exist in a collective energy, a grid of energy that includes our shared consciousness that directly affects everything we observe with our five senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste. 

The collective energy includes such things family, religious, spiritual, cultural, political, govermental and other types of collective energy based on the vibration of fear.

The vibrational frequency of fear is used by governments, politicians, the media, religions and corporations selling products, to dominate, control and manipulate you. 

Fear makes you feel, helpless, hopeless, anxious and depressed. Fear is a vibration that causes division and separation between you and others.

How can you live your life without being affected by the collective energy of fear

Practice the 3 C’s.

Operating outside of the collective energy of fear allows you to create a positive impact in your own life and those people you are connected to.

Out There on the Edge of Everything®…

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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