Wild Grace

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Each boat, christened with a well thought out name, had it’s own unique story behind it’s final nautical title. Every time I ran through this Southern California harbor, I would create my own tale of why or how a particular boat got its sea-handle. “Was it named after a loved one, a place, a business or just a creative hodge-podge by the owners of the vessel?” On this day, a particular name jumped out at me as if it were tapping on my shoulder saying, slow down, look closer – read me dammit! I stopped, leaned over the railing, catching my breath and tuning in – Her name was Wild Grace. As I focused in on the name of this beautiful sail boat, I took a deep breath and it was as if the name entered my body and said…”Yes, this.” 

Earlier that morning, I was inundated with news stories and posts about hateful political rhetoric and behavior that, let’s just say, was not the best representation of strong and compassionate leadership. Like many of you, I can grow weary of the polarizing energy that is present in our day-to-day world. It can be draining, tiresome and downright maddening at times. We are all learning how to navigate these stormy seas, when, at times, it can feel as though the ship is sinking. When do we participate in the conversation? How do we participate without getting caught up in the fear and hate that is being strewn about like chum from a fishing boat?

Muhammed Ali comes to mind – “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”. How can we bob and weave but still be a part of these massive issues without losing our cool? Staying in the ring, holding our ground, allowing the flow of these two polarizing energies to dance the dance – Wild Grace.

Let’s back up and start with the concept of Grace all by itself. Realizing that there are several definitions, I understand Grace to be this energy we are gifted with that helps us move through our life with faith, humility and gratitude. Can you find the beauty in the tree blossoms even when the limb of the same tree is clearly dying off? Can you feel and appreciate a quick, cool breeze on a hot and humid day without longing for more in that moment? Can you experience heartbreak, cancer, a job loss and know that you are being held? 

Grace can feel like surrender, allowing for the movement of the moment by letting go. Letting go of expectations, control and replacing those with trust and an open heart. In a sense it is about freeing your grip on your perceptions, and focusing on being a witness to the ride you are on with love leading the way at the helm. 

Working together and finding common ground whenever and wherever we can, as a community is paramount to progress towards peaceful solutions. However, overall, you need to be the Captain of your own ship, finding your way through the murky waters to the clear blue seas. Can you allow yourself to step into the conversation without feeling triggered or swallowed up by it?  If and when you do find your self in a reactive-mode, can you find your sea legs and begin to roll with the rhythm of the ocean? Yes you can, as long as you remember that the Ocean, I speak of, exists within you. Your emotional body is as important as your mental, physical or spiritual body. During these challenging times, can you find peace within your own heart? The more you practice the dance between the chaos and the arrival into peace, the quicker you will get their next time you are jolted. After a while, with repetition, you will notice a much calmer Captain – I promise!

This is where Wild Grace comes in to play. Think of Grace and then add some spice! This is something you can tap into and practice in all areas of your life. You can be an empowered, kind and a compassionate person and still learn how to move through your anger to peace. Healthy anger can be a very powerful tool. If you can see your anger as an energy that moves you, that fires-up your complacency into a positive action, that’s a good thing! You can disagree with someone’s opinion or policy AND still stand up for what you believe in without hurling hateful and destructive comments. 

Wild Grace calls for you to be grateful for the entire Ocean – from the calm seas to the turbulent ocean’s waves, you are being carried by something bigger than yourself – learn to sail!

Some tips for navigating rough seas with Wild Grace –

Where is your focus? If you are only focusing on all of the problems, you will only see more problems. As your Mother may have told you as a young child – choose your battles. You don’t need to participate in every issue but choose something and put your energy towards being part of the solution. Remember, it’s a dance. Take action, then rest, and repeat.

As Mr. Rodgers once said, look for the HELPERS. Those are the ones that are shining a light in the direction you would like to see things move towards – the people that are standing in their power, and leading the way. They come in all shapes and forms, but all are your Teachers. Look to see what qualities you would like to emulate, what resonates and let the rest go. (Remember, perfection is a myth so do not put anyone on a pedestal).

Limit your TV and Social Media time, especially if you notice you are going into a state of overwhelm. You cannot help others if you are feeling depleted.

Stay connected, in community. Go out to dinner with friends, get together with those that lift you up, make you laugh until your face hurts, and that allow you to relax into yourself.

Take care of your physical body – commit to making healthier choices, drink more water, exercise, rest, etc. You need your strength and it’s part of loving your body. 

Life is for living – get outside in nature, go for walks, meditate and find your joy. Make YOU part of your everyday to-do-list. These energies will put the wind in your sails! 

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Michele Domingo

Author/Certified Intuitive Coach/Co-Creator of the WisePlay Transformation System/Student of Astrology Everyday I am looking for the light in all things - starting with myself first. I enjoy teaching others how to navigate their lives and embrace the whole of life with love, appreciation and compassion.

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