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The Twelve Roses Of The Holy Spirit

  1. To always remember the PURPOSE: THE PEACE AND HARMONY, all that diverts from being there is ego, thus reflect and choose again peace and harmony.
  2. TO HAVE FAITH IN THE BROTHER. Let him be, he is not attacking me, it is what it is, in what he does he brings lessons for me. If I anger and judge him, i will lose the gift brought by the master who is my brother.
  3. IDENTIFY WHAT IS FROM THE EGO AND WHAT IS FROM THE SPIRIT. All that searches for reasoning and justifications that feeds a separated identity is ego. The Spirit does not attend to reasoning, it only seeks for peace, harmony and integration.
  4. TO KNOW THAT ALL THAT BOTHERS ME IN OTHERS is the memory of my own unconscious guilt because I HAVE ALREADY DONE IT OR I AM UNCONSCIOUSLY DOING IT. For that i won’t not judge only forgive.
  5. TO ACCEPT THAT I DON’T KNOW, UNDERSTAND OR SOLVE ANYTHING, SO I LET THE HOLY SPIRIT TAKE THE LEAD. If i start with the believe that i direct my own life. I am doing it from the ego. So i renounce my ego and let the Holy Spirit take the lead.
  6. THE HOLY INSTANT is the only real within the ilusion. Call for the Holy instant.
  7. SELF FORGIVENESS if i  recognize i AM ALL AND THAT I CREATED ALL, all i have to do is forgive myself.
  8. TO HAVE THE CERTAINTY THAT THE GREATEST PURPOSE WAS RESET BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. So no matter how much resistance the ego sets, trust that all that is happening around are tools for the Holy Spirit to show us what we must learn.
  9. TO TRUST WHEN I FEEL THE MOST LOST AND VULNERABLE I SHOULD NOT TRY TO SOLVE IT MYSELF. I LEAVE IT TO THE HOLY SPIRIT and trust he will solve it so i accept what it will bring even if is not what was expected.
  10. NOT TO JUDGE, COMPLAIN OR REPROACH. If know that it is the language of the EGO and i see myself falling into it, i stop and leave it to the Spirit. He lets it be in total freedom. I won’t judge there won’t be complaints or reproaches.
  11. THE SPIRIT SEEKS FORTRESS IN HAPPINESS, the ego seeks weakness to win. So then i become conscious and look for ways to regain happiness, peace and harmony and i don’t give discouragement or fights between powers.
  12. REAL PEACE COMES WHEN WE LET THE SELF BE IT’S TRUE SELF, IT MANIFESTS THE WILL OF THE SPIRIT. If by letting all in total freedom the manifested paths are not the ones yearned those are the paths of the Spirit even if they are not what we wanted. THEY ARE THE HOLY EXPRESSION OF THE REAL SELF OF THE SELF, if we accept the real self of others, there won’t be any resistance, all resistances are set by the ego.

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