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Photo: Love Infinity

Letter I: Integrity (Letter I for the word IMPACT)

Integrity is a defined as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.” Anyone that is living in integrity is someone that is living a sound, whole, and complete life.

If you are living in integrity, you are fully executing your own unique soul plan on your journey through life and executing your own superpowers. You seek out and attract others who have a similar vibraional frequency to be on your journey with you.

As you walk in integrity, fellow travelers are drawn to you.

As you walk in integrity, fellow travelers are drawn to you. Your fellow travelers have the confidence and belief that you will, do what you say you will do, based on your own moral compass. You always bridge the gap and follow through on all your comments with the appropriate actions. You inspire others to be on the same journey of integrity, a lifelong pursuit of a sound, whole and complete life.

Take a look at Love Infinity’s picture above. Her picture captures a bridge across a ravine and a stream. The bridge has a strong structural integrity that is whole and complete in its own environment. There are no gaps in the horizontal protective panels that allow a person to walk across the bridge without falling off. It is held in an upright position across the ravine with strong underlying upright supports.

Assume you are the bridge the picture. If you live your life with integrity and stay close to the energy of the Creator, you are living your life with strong underlying upright support and are living a life that is whole and complete. You will be protected and not “fall off” your soul path.

So what steps can you take to live a life of integrity and make a positive impact in your own life and the life of others?

  1. Understand and Evaluate Your Life Boundaries. To live a life of integrity your current boundaries are important. Your boundaries include your values. Your values are your principles or standards of behavior. As I discussed in the post for Letter 1-P, you have a major life boundary and a set of minor life boundaries. Your major life boundary is also your comfort zone. Your set of minor life boundaries exist within the limits of your major life boundary include your own individual internal and external physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual boundaries. Thus, your major life boundary and your minor life boundaries are actually a set of behavioral constructs that define and predict how you will react to every situation you encounter in your daily life. To live a life of integrity, you must step back and understand and evaluate what your current boundaries are.
  2. Evaluate Every Choice You Make Before You Make It. Every choice you make matters if you want to live a life of integrity. You must make the same choices when you are alone and no one is watching as you would when you are with a group people who are watching you. You cannot lie to or deceive anyone. Before you make a choice and take any actions, ask yourself at least these two simple questions: (1) If my choice was posted all over social media and could never be removed, would I be ok with my choice? and (2) If I make this choice, how will I feel afterwards and how will it make other people feel?
  3. Make Authentic Choices. To lfie a life of integrity, you have to make authentic choices that the best choices you can make for you. Making authentic choice means that you are making genuine choices. Authentic choices represent your true nature and beliefs. Making authentic choices mean you making choices that are true to yourself. Making authentic choices also includes making choices looking inward first and listening to your “first sense,” your intuition. See the post for Letter 4 — I .
  4. Take Responsibility for Every Choice You Make. To live a life of integrity, you have to take responsibility for every choice you make. You have to own your choices. You cannot blame any choice you make on anyone else. You can never assert or be part of the “victim” mentality. Your choices are an integral part of you and are integrated into the knowledge, growth and evolution you have obtained following your soul plan. See the post for Letter 6 — I. You, and you alone make choices and take responsibility for those choices that allow you to life a live of integrity and co-create the life you truly desire.

Living in integrity, you will build your own self-esteem, self-confidence and live in an empowered state. See the post for Letter 8 — E.

You will also attract and interact with other fellow travelers at a similar vibrational frequency (see the post for Letter 7 — V ) who are living their own lives and walking their own plath with integrity.

Out There on the Edge of Everything®…

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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Photo: Love Infinity

Dr. Stephen Lesavich has taught me how to live in integrity, build my own self-esteem, self-confidence and live in an empowered state. Living a life of integrity allows me make a strong structural positive impact in my own life, the life of others and in the world.

Love Infinity

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