COVID-19 – We Are All In This TOGETHER – The Letter – O – Opportunity

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The Letter O – Opportunity

We are in a period of unprecedented, unwanted change, change that has been thrust upon us by the corona virus, Covid-19.  We do not have a clear understanding of when this crisis will end and what the world will look like afterwards.

So, I have decided to use my coaching skills and take the word TOGETHER, and do a series of positive blog posts and podcasts for each of the letters in this word, to give you a set of tools and techniques to help you and the people you are connected to, effectively deal with this period of unwanted changed.

The Second letter O in TOGETHER stands for “Opportunity.“

An “opportunity” is “a favorable set of circumstances, a chance for advancement or progress.” An “opportunity” is also “an appropriate or favorable time to accomplish something or accomplish something new.”

Having your life totally disrupted by COVID-19 has provided you with a number of opportunities, including the Opportunity for Reflection, the Opportunity for Connection and the Opportunity for Attention.

Opportunity for Reflection – Take time to reflect upon who and what is truly important to you in your life. Reflect upon your relationships with your family, children, significant other and your pets. Reflect upon your interactions with your family, children, significant other and your pet in the last few years. Would you have done anything different during these interactions? Would you have said anything different? How will your relationships and interactions with your family, children, significant other and your pets change? After reelecting, what are your thoughts, feelings, emotions, aspirations, priorities and actions going to be moving forward?

Opportunity for Connection – Even though you are separated physically and practicing social distancing you can and still connect with others using technology. Connect with your friends and family in a meaningful way. Ask them questions and truly listen to their answers. Share present time connections by recalling joyful, happy and funny expiries from your past. Connect with friends and acquaintances who you have not talked to in a while. You can also connect with others without technology. When is the last time you sent someone a paper note, paper letter or card using postal mail? Write someone a paper note or letter just to let them know you are thinking about them. Connecting with others will strengthen old connections and allow you to create new connection in ways you would never have expected.

Opportunity for Attention – What have you not been paying attention to? Do you need to change your attention to focus on something different? Do you know what your children have been learning school? Do you know the names of the friends of your children? What does your living environment look like? Do you need to de-clutter? Do you need to complete a deep cleaning? How many e-mails are in your inbox that you can delete? If you live in a warmer climate, is there anything on the outside of you house or your lawn that needs attention. Shifting your attention is something you have complete control over. You can choose what you want to pay attention to. As a result of shifting your attention, you can choose the thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions you are giving your attention to.

“Adversity always provides an opportunity for positive change to occur.”

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

Taking advantage of the new opportunities that are occuring will create a positive impact in your life and in the lives of anyone you encounter. 

Remember, we are all in this together. Things will get better.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home

Out There on the Edge of Everything®…

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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