COVID-19 – Gain Clarity Through Contrasts

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Every day I look at a news feed on my phone.  A few days ago, I read an article from a self-help source that was really upsetting to me.  I am paraphrasing, but the author said it was “ok” to be in and stay in an emotional state of fear, anxiety and even depression during the Covid19 pandemic.

I understand this from the point of view of acknowledging where you are and what you are feeling at the moment, but only to establish a baseline from which to change your emotional state.

However, that statement made me think about the technique of “clarity through contrasts” created by Abraham-Hicks (Ester and Jerry Hicks, Hay House authors) and others.  The “clarity through contrasts” technique is a popular technique used by life coaches.  Contrast is a necessary component of personal growth and shifting emotions.  You actually live your life based on the contrasts you experience in it. You can’t know what you do want unless you know what you don’t want. Contrast causes you to clarify your preferences very precisely, so you get to decide what you do prefer and act on those preferences.  So if you do not want to feel negative emotions such fear, anxiety or depression, you need to create a contrast list to get clarity and decide what positive emotions you do want to feel instead, such as courage, peace and happiness.

Another contention in the article was that since “misery loves company” and there is “a sense of security in knowing that others are experiencing the same thing.”

I feel this author’s opinion is misleading for a number of reasons.

First, Everything in the world is composed of energy, that is vibrating, oscillating and resonating, at various vibrational frequencies. The Hertz (Hz) is a unit used to measure such vibrational frequencies and is defined as one cycle per second.

There is a Divine law of the Universe that states with respect to energy and vibrational frequencies, “like attracts like.” So you attract into your reality and the Universe matches you with people and situations that are vibrating at a similar vibrational frequency that you are sending out.

With respect to human emotions, fear, anxiety and depression are some of the lowest vibrational frequencies and the energy is heavy, dense, thick, and are the energies typically associated with a victim mentality.

So being in and staying in a state of fear, anxiety, or depression will attract more people and situations who are operating at a low, heavy, dense, thick energy state and put yourself in negative, repeating emotional loop which causing suffering at so many different levels.

Second, allowing yourself to stay in a state of fear, anxiety or depression, makes you vulnerable to the negative collective energy associated with Covid19.  Collective energy is shared consciousness including what we see, hear, feel, touch, smell and taste that all of us contribute to.  I call this negative collective energy, the “car carrier effect.” I did a whole blog post about this a couple of months ago.

The “car carrier” effect represents a set of collective energy that people are obedient to and are under the control of, that is energetically driving a virtual car carrier represented by that set of collective energy.

By allowing yourself to stay in a state of fear anxiety or depression, your energetic passenger vehicle (i.e., your own physical body with your energetic soul-spirit as a passenger) is “parked” on such an energetic car carrier, a collective negative energy car carrier being driven by the negative energy of the Covid19 pandemic that you are obedient to. This leaves you in a dis-empowered state.

Third, there is no security staying in an emotional state of fear, anxiety or depression.  The emotional states of fear, anxiety and depression do not provide any security at all and are typically generate an insecure emotional state instead causing feelings of general unease, nervousness, vulnerability or instability.  

These additional feelings of general unease, nervousness, vulnerability or instability may cause you not to be able to appropriately react and make decisions you need to make or take advantage of new situations and opportunities that may present themselves during the Covid19 crisis.

So how can you adjust your emotional state from fear, anxiety or depression into something more positive using contrasts for clarity?

  1.  Use your emotional state of fear, anxiety or depression to create a contrast list.  We live our lives as a result of understanding and acting on contrasts.  A “contrast” is a state of being strikingly different from something you are currently experiencing.  Create a contrast list with two columns.  Label the first column, a negative column, “What I do NOT want.”  Label the second column, a postive column, “What I DO want.”  Use your emotional states of fear, anxiety or depression as a data point in your “What I do not want” column, things you do not want.  Include the feelings, emotions, situations and events, etc. that you do not want and do not want to experience any more. In your second, positive column include the emotional states you do want and do desire to experience such as courage, peace, happiness, etc.  Include the feelings, emotions, situations and events, etc. to desire to experience.  Your contrast list will allow you to determine the clarity you need to figure out exactly what you do want.
  2. Empower yourself by acting on the contrasts in the positive column in your contrast list.  If you act on the positive column in your contrast list, you become empowered and exist in an empowered state.  Being empowered, is knowing you are supported by a Higher Power, having a vision for yourself and others, having confidence and being optimistic. Being empowered, means your vision includes those things you can see with your eyes and those things you cannot see with your eyes but see instead see with your intuition. Being empowered, means you are confident, you know that you will not be affected by internal or external events or the collective energy and can always arrive at an outcome that you desire. Being empowered, you create a positive upwards spiral of energetic and emotional expansion where your emotional vibration frequency is generated and maintained at a high level.
  3. Take direct solution-oriented empowering actions based on the positive column in your contrast list.  Create a plan of action that focuses on taking achievable steps towards the end goal of changing your feelings, emotions, situations and events, etc. that  you do not want into feelings, emotions, situations and events you do want based on the positive column in your contrast list.  After creating your contrast list, do not spend any time focusing on the environment, people, circumstances, situations and events that caused you to get ingrained in the negative emotional states of fear, anxiety or depression. Get off any collective energy car carriers you are on.  Instead, spend all of your time focusing on the environment, people, circumstances, situations and events you do desire. For example, if you are feeling the negative emotion of fear (100 Hz) that you do not desire, you can easily shift to a more positive emotion such as courage (200 Hz) or to neutral (250 Hz) without much effort. You can dynamically shift your emotions by: (a) taking 7-10 deep breathes in which you inhale, hold, exhale for the same amount of time; and (b) consciously focusing in on the positive emotions you do desire to feel while you are breathing. You can quickly shift your vibrational frequency in a positive direction that will leave you in a positive, empowered emotional state. 

Operating in an empowered emotional state based on positive contrasts will allow you to create a positive impact in your life and those people you are connected to.

Remember, we are all in this TOGETHER. Things will get better.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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