Start At The Beginning

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Sometimes opportunity presents itself as a temporary defeat.

Who are you now that your job title is missing? Who are you without the gym and hobbies? Are you your position, title; your experiences?  Is everything you hoped, planned and dreamed on hold? What to do with thoughts and self?

It’s time to live to your true desires. It’s time to start at the beginning and look at what is in front of you. There is nothing behind you.

Stop, uncover, discover and discard. Most of us have no idea what our true desires are because we’ve never taken the time to review and relive the moments that were the most satisfying. Pause. Sit. Let silence be the loudest voice and clearest teacher.

Take time to prune your bushes. Trim your life back (think fake friends on FB). Do you see the easiest way to accomplish your true desires? How much is more?

This is an opportunity to step back. An opportunity to review, reorganize and re-order your life, your daily tasks, and your approach because now you see that everything is in front of you, as opportunity.  There is no more regret, competing, comparing or complaining; it’s a level mental playing field with all.

Start at the beginning. The people that rise early are some of the most peaceful, successful people. They tend to walk faster than others, they speak and move with conviction. Get up at the same time every day. Greet the world. Be present for all.

Remember: If you are not proactive you are reactive. If you are not giving you are taking. You are at the beginning. Peace on earth is gaining control of your thinking. Begin.

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Scott A. Hardy


A Fine Artist, Musician, Writer, and Personality, Scott can be seen mixing paint, beats and prose in the basement or sliding on his Ferragamo’s into the board room throughout Southern California's Wine Country. Currently, Scott is completing his second novel and feeding it into his blogs, developing his podcast, writing songs, creating art for installation at commercial and residential locations nationwide and building a new home with his wife and manager Jill. He is focusing on "being here now." Live in the moment.

  1. Very powerful and positive message in a harrowing time. This current crisis environment scares us because we may have to “start from the beginning”. In fact, as you point out, that is a good thing. We all unnecessarily complicate our lives and redefining our goals vs progress is an elegant solution to all the noise.

  2. Scott, you are so inspiring and always positive, love that inner passion. Yes, there is always opportunity in every situation, learning how to channel that into productive action is essential. I always say, bring me your solutions to problems and own your response. Actions, not words solve situations. Growth and self respect are born in adversity. Let’s channel opportunity into positives.
    You keep writing and getting your wisdom to others. Love it. Pat Kind

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