The Soul Detective Protocol

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD, one of the co-founders of Positive Impact Life, recently added another life coaching modality to his life coaching practice. He successfully completed the first level of Soul Detective, a protocol creaed by Dr. Barbara Stone to find and clear past life traumas. Congrats to Stephen!

What is the Soul Dectective protocol? The following information is from the website.

The Soul Detective Protocol

“When past life trauma comes up as the origin of a problem, the Soul Detective protocol  provides students the opportunity to use muscle testing rather than hypnosis to gather information. After getting centered and getting spiritual permission to work with the past life, the protocol calls in spiritual help to work with the traumatic energy. Next muscle testing determines gender of that life, age at death, cause of death, and enough other identifying information so that the student can make an intuitive connection to that lifetime and then do energy tapping to clear the trauma involved.

Whether the soul of the student actually had the life in objective reality, or whether the life is fictional and the student simply has an emotional resonance to the problem, the life is treated “as if it were true” to give the student the opportunity for healing the emotions involved.”

The class was created Dr. Barbara Stone. “Dr. Stone is a workshop leader, psychotherapist in private practice, and a professor at  Energy Medicine University, a distance learning program.  Her book, Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present, is the result of her phenomenological research into these unseen realms and the protocols she developed to help free  her clients by ministering to the wounds of past incarnations and people no longer in physical bodies.”


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