The Light of Life

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When a light bulb burns out, we say that it is dead. It becomes inert … lifeless. But the source of Life … light (photons) … is endless energy. The filament in a light bulb receives the light, yet when it no longer is able to receive the light … it is considered dead. But the SOURCE of the light, the very light itself, is unaffected. It’s still there, just as the electrical current is still there.

This is the same with you and I. Our bodies receive the light … the light of consciousness … and we live our life powered by the Source of Life itself. When the body dies, the light of our consciousness lives on. In fact, since energy cannot be created or destroyed, the light that is the true us is eternal in nature. Ancient Biblical scripture states: “you are the light of the world.”

Our thoughts, our Soul, our true Self is the power Source that provides the light so that we may live. When the light goes out, leaves the body, we leave behind the inert (dead) physical body, but our consciousness never skips a beat.

Just like the light bulb, we are enclosed in an physical environment that allows our presence to be seen from the inside out. The source of all light, Life, and energy … is One. For many, this One is what is called God, or Source. The Absolute. The YOUniverse. Whatever you choose to call it, there is only ONE point of origin for ALL things.

When we come to the understanding that all is One, and One is all there is … then we understand the Truth of “what we do to others, we do to ourselves.” We are the Universe (God) experiencing itself through us … with us … AS US.

Just a thought …

Justin Taylor, ORDM., OCP.

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Justin Taylor

Ordained Universal Philosopher & Metaphysician. International Voiceover Talent and Multimedia Producer.

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