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I think it’s safe to say that the term “Social Distancing” has become one of the most common used phrases of 2020. Distancing or detaching from others as a way to put a stop to the spread of Covid 19. Many would agree that this concept works when taken seriously on a physical level, but what are the effects of this isolation on a soul level? Some spiritual people are going as far as to call this time “The great spiritual awakening”. Many are considering these times “The cosmic shift into the aquarian age, and integration into the new 5G era”. Regardless of what your stance is on this topic, how you spend your time and energy will define your ability to upgrade your mindset and integrate with the quoted “New Normal”. 

Social Media Distancing (SMD) is the term that I use to describe my self care and energetic awareness practices. SMD practices allow me to be more present for myself, and my family. Evolving  into the digital era is tough for many of us, so establishing social media self care practice is very impactful for our mental health. I am honored to share some of the tools that I use to sift through the noise, and align my clients with their ideal customers. 

Tools for consciously detaching from the negative effects of Social Media.

  • Check in with your energy when on Social Media.
  • Be conscious of posts and accounts that become  triggers and evaluate whether or not “following” them is aligned with the energy that you are attracting.
  • Consciously stay in the present moment, and tune in with your intuition. 
  • Unfollow pages that have lower vibrational frequencies.
  • Avoid confrontation when Not in agreement with other people’s opinions.
  • Evaluate whether the mindset of content creators are coming from fear or abundance. 
  • Inspire your followers with authentic and uplifting posts.
  • Disconnecting from electronic devices in social settings.

In the process of developing my practice of SMD I have felt a shift in my energy, I feel renewed when I look at my feed, and when something triggers me I look at the person page and evaluate the intention that they are sending into the world. If the energy feels like “noise” to me and doesn’t align with what I am attracting into my life I unfollow them. Unfollowing isn’t always an option though. There are people that I am close to and care about that hold social media as a stamp of approval on our relationship. In the case where I love the person, but don’t agree with their perspective or the energy of their I set restrictions and only see their posts when I visit their page and am mentally prepared to catch up with them energetically. These self care practices have helped me to create a digital space that uplifts and encourages me to be my best self and live with an abundant mindset. 

In addition to social media, I regularly disconnect from my devices 1 hour before I go to bed, and avoid checking them until 1 hour after I wake up. This has encouraged me to be more conscious in my quiet time with myself after my daughter is asleep, and wake up fully present with her in the morning. 

In the short time that I have implemented these practices into my digital business, I have seen an increase in productivity. Consciously checking in with our energy allows us to strengthen our ability to tune in with our higher selves and intuition. Once we decide to implement self care practices, we align with our “6th sense” and eventually align our soul with our subconscious mind and rise above the noise. 

Christine Lopez

Copyright © 2020, by Christine Lopez All rights reserved.

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