Magic and Manifestation

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Magic, is defined as “an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source.”

If you have ever been to a magic show, when a magician does a magic trick, the magician often says “abracadabra.”

It is not clear where the word, abracadabra, originated. However, one origin of the word is thought to be from the Aramaic language. The Amarmic language is a language was that spoken during the lifetime of Jesus Christ.

The word “abracadabra” in Aramaic is thought to have a meaning of “it will be created in my words.”

Manifestation, is defined as “the act of calling into existence from the energetic realms, a desired reality, or a presence of something and making that something apparent on the earth plane.”

Many mind-body-spirit practitioners consider manifestation to be the magic for co-creating the life they truly desire.

To successfully manifest anything into your life you need to apply your own “magic” powers in two places, in the energetic realm (e.g., with meditation, intentions, declarations, etc.) and on the earth plane (e.g., with physical actions, etc.).

Take a look at picture above. Assume the red lines represent the probabilities of numerous different things, situations, people and events you can manifest into your own life from an energetic ocean of infinite possibilities.

This picture illustrates how manifestation works. What you are trying to manifest appears as a number of different probabilities that emerge from the ocean of infinite possibilities into your own reality. Some of the energetic probabilities (e.g., brighter, thicker red lines) are more likely to occur than other energetic probabilities (e.g., dimmer, skinny red lines). You set intentions in the energetic realm and take actions in the physical realm to manifest your desires.

So how can you use your own magic to manifest what you desire? Consider these steps.

  1. Be Very Clear on What You Actually Desire. We live and experience life by contrasts. So to manifest something you desire, you have to be 100% clear on what you desire. At the start of the manifesting process, create a list of things you don’t desire, and then create a list of things you do desire. That way you can focus all your intentions, positive feelings and energy on the things you do desire.
  2. Ask The Universe For What You Desire. After you are crystal clear about what you desire, ask the Universe for it. Write down your intentions or declarations. Speak them out loud. Give them energy. The Universe does not know what you desire and will not respond until you actually ask for it.
  3. Keep Your Vibrational Frequency in Integrity with What are Trying to Manifest. Focus on the feelings associated with the object desire. Do not focus on the object itself. Remember like attracts like. So you need to focus on positive feelings, such as joy, love, happiness, peace, calm, etc. associated with the object you desire instead of the object. Focus on how the object you desire makes you feel. Focus your positive feelings into a vibrational frequency that you send out that includes a belief that you already have the object you desire. Everything is energy. The Universe will reflect back to you what you desire based on a vibrational frequency you send out. For example, if you are trying to attract a new relationship, then focus on how the relationship will make you feel instead of on the object you desire, a new mate in the relationship.
  4.   Take Actions Toward What You Desire. You are a co-creator of your own reality. Remember to successfully manifest anything you have to take actions in both the energetic realm and the physical realm. For example, if you are trying to attract a new relationship, then sitting in your house on your couch meditating and setting intentions and focusing on positive feelings in the energetic realm to meet someone new, is not enough. You need to make yourself available in the physical realm to meeting someone new by taking a class you are interested in, taking a walk around your neighborhood, hanging out in a coffee shop, going to a local farmers market, attending a concert, going to a movie etc. where there are actually people you could potentially meet.
  5. Receive and Acknowledge What You Attract. You don’t know and will never now how the Universe will provide you with what you desire. If you are trying to manifest something, look for the signs the Universe sends you and be open to receive them. When you receive such signs acknowledge them and record them. It is a good idea to keep a manifestation journal to record and acknowledge everything you receive from the Universe. Remember, many times the Universe will send you signs and syncs that will indirectly lead you to what you desire to manifest. For example, if you desire a new relationship, the Universe may create a sync with a friend who may say to you, “I have a friend who I would like you to meet. I think you two may make a perfect couple.”

You can always use your own magic to create a positive impact in your own life and manifest the life you truly desire.

I am always use my own magic to manifest what I desire. How about you?


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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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