What is Your Life DFI?

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Let me tell you another true story.  In addition to being a life and business coach, I am an athletic coach.

As I have I discussed in other podcast episodes, I am a runner myself. 

I was formerly a member of the AT&T corporate running team and even ran fast enough to win a large road race.

I also coach distance runners. 

I have been coaching cross country and middle and long distance track and field runners at a local high school for several years with great success.  A number of our cross country and distance runners have made it to the state meets and several have even earned medals at the state meets.

I have a national level USA Track and Field coaching license for distance runners.

As I was going through the continuing education process for USA track and field coaches to keep my coaching license current, I took a class on the principles of endurance training.

One of the important principles in endurance training is the Duration, Frequency and Intensity (DFI) of the training.

In other words, how long (Duration), how often (Frequency) and how hard (Intensity) is the runner training.

Understanding your life DFI is something that will make you successful in your own life.

Being successful at something in life often depends on how long (Duration), how often (Frequency) and how hard (Intensity) you work on it.

The DFI principle for runners is also applicable for you to use for manifesting things you desire into your life.

“Your Life DFI is important for manifesting the objects you desire in your life.”

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

Get additional insights on using understand your own DFI for manifesting from the Out There on the Edge of Everything® Podcast.

What is your Life DFI for manifesting? 

  1. Duration: According to Ester Hicks, an inspirational speaker, and Hay House author, a minimum of 17 seconds of pure thought about a declaration is required to give it an energetic “ignition point.”  In other words, if you hold a thought about a declaration you are using for manifesting for at least 17 seconds, you set your manifestation in motion energetically into the energetic realms of the Universe.  However, if you are doing 369 manifesting, make your duration for manifesting just one second longer. That is, hold it for 18 seconds instead of 17 seconds because the digits of 18 add up to a 9 (1+8=9) and the number 9 is a number of completion.
  2. Frequency.  The frequency of thinking about or writing out your manifesting declaration is very important. For most manifesting techniques, you think about your manifesting declarations at least twice a day.  Once in the morning as your first thought before your get out of bed and before you start your new day.  Then again in the evening as your last thought before you drift off to sleep. You may also write out your manifesting declarations physically once in the morning and a second time in the evening.  If you doing 369 manifesting, you physically write out your declaration three separate times during the day.  Three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon and nine times in the evening.  The 369 manifesting technique has a very different frequency than other manifesting techniques.
  3. Intensity.     Manifesting anything you desire is based on the Law of Attraction.  Simply stated, The Law of Attraction is “like-attracts-like.” Intensity is defined as “the magnitude and strength of energy sent out over time.”  To manifest something you desire, you must send out a constant and consistent, energetic frequency and vibration with your manifesting declaration to attract back into your life an object you desire at that same energetic frequency and vibration.  One way to maintain the proper intensity for manifesting is to always associate your manifesting declaration with positive emotions, such as calm, courage, happiness, joy, love, peace, etc.  Positive emotions include lighter, higher and faster energetic frequencies and vibrations than negative emotions such as anger, depression, fear, sadness, etc. which are denser, lower and slower. Such negative emotions can also create emotional triggers which decrease the intensity of your manifesting declarations.  Such positive emotions, what you are feeling, maintain your manifesting declaration at a proper energetic intensity for manifesting the objects you desire into your life.

Creating and using a proper DFI for manifesting allows you to create a positive impact and manifest the objects your desire into your life.

Out There on the Edge of Everything® …

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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