Say This Combination of Words: Love, Peace and Blessings

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The words you use on a regular basis create an energetic point of attraction in your life.

Is it possible that by reciting combinations of words, you can create a new energetic point of attraction in your life? 

How about in the life of a person you may direct your combination of words to?

Everything in the world is composed of energy that is vibrating, oscillating and resonating, at various vibrational frequencies

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. (If you) match the frequency of the reality you want, you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.” 


One way to measure vibrational frequencies is with the Hertz scale.

The Hertz (Hz) is one unit used to measure such vibrational frequencies and is defined as “one cycle per second.” 

When you speak words out loud, the sound waves you generate have specific vibrational frequencies.

Humans can detect sound waves in a frequency range from about 20 Hz to about 20 kHz.

I wrote a recent blog post and did a podcast on why the individual words appreciation and gratitude have different vibrational frequencies.

David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD in his book, Power vs. Force, originally published in 1994, examined the energetic frequency levels of human consciousness as they pertain to a variety of different human emotions.  Each human emotion includes a unique vibrational frequency.

Dr. Hawkins used kinesiological muscle testing to determine energetic frequencies in Hertz (i.e., cycles per second) of lower vibrational human emotions (e.g., fear, guilt, shame, etc.) and higher vibrational human emotions (e.g., love, peace, joy, etc.).

The words you speak are often associated with the emotions you are feeling and tend to match the vibrational frequency of those emotions.

Positive words are often spoken when you are feeling positive emotions (e.g., I love you, etc.).

Negative words are often spoken when you are feeling negative emotions (e.g., I am afraid I …, etc.).

The emotion of “love” has been measured with a vibration frequency of about 550 Hz, the emotion of “peace” of about 600 Hz and the emotion of “blessed” of about 700 Hz.

What kind of vibrational frequency do you think saying a combination of positive words would have?

For example, saying this combination of positive words, Love, Peace and Blessings, has been measured experimentally to be about 910 Hz

So there is some additive effect (e.g., about 910 Hz) on the vibrational frequency of saying combinations of positive words, but not a direct additive effect (e.g., 550 + 600 + 700 = 1,850 Hz).

Get additional insights on the effect of combining and saying positive words from the Out There on the Edge of Everything® Podcast.

I want you to try this experiment so you can experience this effect in real-life. 

Say this combination of words, Love, Peace and Blessings.

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

Say this combination of words, Love, Peace and Blessings, in your thoughts and direct these words energetically towards every single person you encounter in your life today and for the next week.

I picked these three words specifically because they are three words which have the highest vibrational frequencies.

What did you feel when you directed this combination of positive words towards someone?  Did your emotions change?  Did you feel anything in any particular place in your own body?

Did you notice any response from the people you encountered and said the combination of words to?

Did their facial expressions change?  Did their body posture change?  Did their conversation tone change?

Next try this. Pick a small group of people and repeat this process by saying the words, Love, Peace and Blessing, out loud.

Did you notice any difference saying the this combination of words out loud?

Finally, make up your own combination of three positive words and repeat this process.

Did you notice any difference in what you felt or the response from other people when you used your own combination of three positive words?

Saying combinations of positive words energetically, or out loud, allows you to create a new positive energetic point of attraction for you and the people you encounter and create a positive impact in your own life.

I am saying these words to you, Love, Please and Blessings, both out loud and energetically. What are you feeling?

Please let me know. Leave me a comment below.

Out There on the Edge of Everything® …

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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