Unknown Pathways

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Photo by Michele Domingo

As I ventured past my Mother’s “not-without-your-big-brothers” boundary, I playfully meandered far beyond my home’s backyard and through an open field of tall grasses and colorful wildflowers. Soon after, I arrived upon a pathway at the edge of a tree-lined forest. “Hmmmm, should I go in there, it’s kind of dark that way?” I paused briefly, hesitant to break a Mom-Rule, coupled with a fear of not knowing what I might find along this trail. Yet, promise of a new adventure seemed to be calling my name (insert eyebrow wiggle and smirk here).

As soon as my foot hit the pine mulch-laden ground and into this portal of this Woodland Wonderland, I became a magical being – well, in my own mind anyway. It was as if a storybook came alive and with each step a new unexpected feeling of excitement and anticipation came with it. The funny thing is, I had no idea what exactly I was hoping for or expecting, but what I did know was that all of my senses felt more alive here, more connected here, and I found this to be intoxicatingly interesting! A pathway through the woods – “Where would it take me, what would I see?”

Continuing to bounce around the forest floor, I would stop to check things out – a soft, fuzzy, bunny rabbit over there, a beautiful, colored bird over here, a uniquely shaped flower in front of me, and eventually the sound of a small, babbling brook caught my attention. The water was running over rocks, sticks and little frogs were having their frog morning meetings. I was truly having the time of my life, with my creative mind lit up like a firefly in July! I suspect my jumbled course might have looked much like Little Billy in the old Family Circus newspaper cartoon. A whole new world was in these trees and I had only just begun to explore and delight. 

A bit later, I heard Mom bellow from the backyard – her concerned voice carried just enough for me to hear that I had better begin my journey back to the house. With some resistance, I chose to leave my private jungle (or so I imagined it) – for now.  I arrived home safely yet much dirtier, with a few scratches, bruises and a whole new perspective with my youthful goggles. What a trip! My Mother was not as thrilled as I was, as one could imagine, but it was well worth it – sorry Mom!

Looking back, I realize that not much has changed from that curious 9 year-old girl to the 49 year-old woman that moves through her life today. I still enjoy a new pathway, an adventure, or a fresh way of seeing the world. I’ve had many shifts, course corrects and purposeful movements, with a few bumps in the road along the way. I wouldn’t change a thing! This only happens when you allow yourself to be a bit of a Nomadic Nutcase – not judging, but remaining open and curious along the way, even when it is painful or scary. The rewards will be there as well.

You may have heard that the best gifts live in the place of the unknown. However, as adults, it is our nature to crave the familiar and more comfortable experiences. If you are feeling stuck, bored, or stagnation in any area of your life, notice how that feels – is it affecting your body, mind, spirit? What is the impact? Can you shift to a more positive impact by being your own Soul Detective and investigate how you want to feel differently in any specific area of your life, whether it be career, relationships, health, etc.? Tap into your childlike, explorer-self and know that a New Unknown Pathway awaits you!

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Michele Domingo

Author/Certified Intuitive Coach/Co-Creator of the WisePlay Transformation System/Student of Astrology Everyday I am looking for the light in all things - starting with myself first. I enjoy teaching others how to navigate their lives and embrace the whole of life with love, appreciation and compassion.

  1. Michele you are amazing, I love what you wrote. Michele when I look at you i see a big ray of sunshine.

  2. loved what you wrote… i can completely relate to that sense of wonderment that comes following an unknown trail… i still seek that out… you described it perfectly!!

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