Initiate Change Into Your Life by Creating Lift

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Photo: Stephen Lesavich

Returning from a recent trip to Los Angeles, I was sitting in a window seat overlooking the wing of the airplane on my way back to Chicago.

Since I have a pilot’s license (private pilot, single engine, land) for fixed-wing aircraft, looking at the leading edge of the wing made me think about the concept of “lift” that allows airplane to fly and how similar it is to getting someone to intentionally initiate desired change in their life.

Without having to teach a lesson in aerodynamics or physics here, this sentence from the post How Planes Work says it very simply:

In one sentence, wings make lift by changing the direction and pressure of the air that crashes into them as the engines shoot them through the sky.

Chris Woodford – How Planes Work

In a little more detail, an airplane, when it is moving forward, the air it is flying through encounters an edge of a curved surface on a wing on the airplane. The wing is a solid obstacle to the air that the air must get around as it crashes into it. The air flows over the top and bottom surface of the wing. The air’s speed increases and its pressure decreases on the top surface of the wing and its pressure increases and its air speed decreases on the bottom of the wing.

The difference in pressure between the bottom surface and top surface of the wing results in more pressure at the bottom and less pressure at the top, pushing the wing upward, creating lift.

Just like an airplane wing, when you desire to intentionally initiate change in your life, you have to move forward past the current leading edge of your own environment to overcome obstacles you may be crashing into either energetically or physically. As you are creating lift in your life you are actually increasing the frequency of your vibrational offering. Moving forward past this leading edge in your life with a higher frequency vibrational frequency, allows you to create enough lift for you to attract new environments, situations and people into your life which also bring in the opportunities for your own personal growth.

Just like an airplane wing, to create the lift for change to occur in your life, you have to take maintain a positive attitude and take positive actions that create the forward movement necessary to overcome the current direction and pressure you are encountering in your own environment.

Just like an airplane wing, when you start moving forward by taking positive actions with a positive attitude, you create lift and increase the speed of change and decrease the pressure change causes in your life, just like occurs on the top surface of an airplane wing.

Just like an airplane wing, if you move forward with negative attitudes or take negative actions, you may feel an increase in the pressure and decrease in the speed that change causes in your life, just like occurs on the bottom surface of an airplane wing.

Creating lift in your own life will help you initiate and maintain the momentum of change and help you build a new reality with confidence and enthusiasm for yourself in which you thrive. A new reality in which you can make a positive impact on yourself and others.

I am creating lift in my own life. How about you?

Out There on the Edge of Everything®…

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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