Story – A Poem

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Photo by Maegan Martin on Unsplash
Your life becomes a story handwritten day by day 
your actions show intentions 
Reflecting what you say
But sometimes life is cloudy, 
actions and words don't match.
And dreams you say you're wanting 
lie dormant, not to hatch.
Choices you make are precious,
Like ripples in a pond
So on it goes affecting
A weak or strengthened bond.
Children, and on will tell it
They'll share what's left behind
And talk about your journey
Things no one else may find.
Your character’s a mirror 
Look close don't glance away.
You're leaving them a story
Beware what they will say.

Sandi Lafferty

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Sandi Lafferty

With a career path including faith ministry, Sandi promotes learning and helping others with a focus of choice through challenge thinking and the healing power of poetry.

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