They Know – A Poem

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Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash
A child cries out, a mother feels, 
a pain she cannot bear. 
And yet continue, days go bye
with wounds she mustn't share.
The gift of love and comfort, 
anticipate and feel, 
is all that she can give them 
and hope that time will heal. 
They need her strong and solid, 
emotions hid away. 
Resilient finding grateful, 
is what she does each day. 
A whisper in her conscience, 
a knowing in her role, 
she looks to the horizon 
and hides her wounded soul. 
Grief is not like a dark cloud, 
it does not drift away. 
Remains, becomes a pattern, 
imprinted, there to stay. 
The lessons are forgiving, 
although never forgot. 
A life, try not, reliving. 
All things that it was not. 
But love protects the children, 
the goals that help to breathe. 
Appearances important, 
chin up, walk strong, don't leave.
And yet inside there's longing, 
a place that seeks resolve. 
Seeking a space for healing, 
life’s journey to evolve. 
The children grow and flourish, 
they take strides on their own. 
They live and choose responding, 
yet far, they're not alone. 
They do not understand all, 
though sometimes glimpses show.
Kindness and understanding, 
I pray, I love... they know.

Sandi Lafferty

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Sandi Lafferty

With a career path including faith ministry, Sandi promotes learning and helping others with a focus of choice through challenge thinking and the healing power of poetry.

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