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Letter – P: path and plan

We are all here to accomplish something extraordinary based on our own unique soul plan. Your individual soul plan is something that you were meant to accomplish and only you can accomplish in your own unique way. For each of us to execute our own soul plan, we choose a path and journey through life on that path defined by a set of life boundaries.

A boundary is a set of limits we establish to protect ourselves from being violated, used or manipulated by others. Boundaries allow us to separate what we think, do and feel and separate who we are, from the thoughts, actions and feelings of others.

Your set of life boundaries includes a major life boundary and a set of minor life boundaries.

Your major life boundary is an outer boundary that you operate within during your daily life.

Your major life boundary is also your comfort zone, a zone in which you feel safe, secure, at ease, in control, without stress and where all things are familiar. 

Your set of minor life boundaries exist within the limits of your major life boundary include your own individual internal and external physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual boundaries.

Thus, your major life boundary and your minor life boundaries are actually a set of behavioral constructs that define and predict how you will react to every situation you encounter in your daily life. 

Your life boundaries are dynamic and change frequently depending on the situations and events you face each day and over the course of your lifetime. They also depend on how you react to, and the decisions you make, based on those situations and events.

Staying inside your current life boundaries means you are not taking any new risks, pursuing any new challenges or experiencing anything new. You exist in a dis-empowered personal state.

Operating outside your current life boundaries allows you to experience transitions, transformations, expansions and personal growth. You live in an empowered personal state.

Your “real life” exists beyond your current set of life boundaries. Your real life is the sum total of ALL of your experiences, not just those you experience inside your current life boundaries

Take a look a Love Infinity’s picture above. Assume for a moment that you are walking along this path as you follow your soul plan and your encounter the rock lined channel that divides the path into two portions. Also assume that this channel is your major life boundary, the outer boundary that you operate within during your daily life.

Do you have the courage to cross over the your major life boundary and leave your current comfort zone and make a positive impact in your life? Which of your minor life boundaries may also impact your decision to cross or not cross the channel?

If you have the courage to step over the channel outside your major life boundary, what wonders of your “real life” could you experience? Could the person in the distance in the picture be the soul mate and relationship you have been longing for? What other wonders, such as a new career, pursuing your calling with service to others, financial abundance, happiness, peace, contentment, love, etc. may exist for you to experience as you continue on the path beyond the trees out of the darkness and into the daylight?

Life’s most exhilarating experiences always occur just beyond the edges of our life boundaries.

Especially when follow our soul plan and our soul path.

Out There on the Edge of Everything®…

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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Photo: Love Infinity

Sometimes as your walk your path and follow your soul plan on your journey through life, you just need to sit down and enjoy the moment.

Love Infinity

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