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We are the co-founders of Positive Impact Global. We are Love Infinity and Stephen Lesavich.

Love Infinity is a world-class professional photographer. She has worked for such major publications as Sports Illustrated, National Geographic and others. She is also a Pranic healer, yoga and wellness coach, mother of 2 amazing adult sons. Love Infinity has traveled and continues to travel the world to take pictures and to collect experiences.

Stephen Lesavich, PhD is an award-winning and best-selling author. He is an attorney in private practice and has provided legal services to many Fortune 100 companies. He is a solution-focused self-empowerment coach and business coach. He has also traveled the world on unique adventures looking for the interesting edges of life.

The philosophy of Positive Impact Global is based on the cornerstones of love, adventure, fun, elegance, positivity and collaboration.

We have decided to collaborate based on these cornerstones and create the Positive Impact Global Inspiration Project.

Love Infinity has selected a set of 14 photographs from her travels. There are 14 letters in the words, “positive impact.” One photograph has been selected for each of the 14 letters of these two words.

Stephen has created a set of positive impact insights and inspirations for each of the photographs selected by Love Infinity.

Love Infinity will add her personal insights to the end of Stephen’s positive impact insights and inspirations.

Our goal is to turn the Positive Impact Global Inspiration Project into a series of digital and print books and other creative projects that we hope will inspire people around the globe.

We also hope our efforts will inspire you to create your own collaborative projects that create positive impacts and inspire others in your own life and in your own community.

Love Infinity and Stephen Lesavich

Letter 1 – P — Letter 2 – O — Letter 3 — S —  Letter 4 — I  Letter 5 — T — Letter 6 — I — Letter 7 — V — Letter 8 — E —- Letter 9 — I — Letter 10 — M

Photo: Love Infinity

I will be adding my comments and insights to each of Stephen’s posts.

Love Infinity

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

Award-winning and best-selling author, Entrepreneur, Visionary, CEO of 2 different companies, Attorney, Tech Expert, Certified Solution-Focused Life Coach.

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