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Letter – I: Intuition, Inward

Intutition is defined as “an inner sensing, inner insight to unconscious recognition of energetic patterns and the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.”

Many mind-body-spirit practitioners consider your intutition as your “sixth sense” to be included with your five other senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

Many other mind-body-spirit practitioners consider your intutition as your “first sense,” the sense you should rely on and use most often in your life before you use any of your other five senses.

Whatever your point of view is, your intution is a very important part of you.

Intuition emanates from the energy of our Creator and provides us with Divine guidance and Divine intelligence. Intutiion is that gut-feeling, that ah-hah moment or something that just pops into your head, without having been thinking about it, you just know is true and correct.

Intuition is our inner guidance system, that operates on a vibration of truth and helps us stay authentic and in integrity with our soul plans. Thus, you can consider your intution one of very your own and very important superpowers.

Your intution operates outside your ego. Your ego is defined as “your conscious mind, the part of your identity that you consider your ‘self.’ ” Your intution and ego provide constrasting feelings. We live our lives by experiencing constrasts as we experience things we do want and contrast them to things we do not want and visa-versa.

So how do you use your intuition in your everyday life? To tap into and use your intution, you need to turn inward and understand what information and insights are being sent to you and act on them accordingly.

Take a look at Love Infinity’s picture above. Her picture captures an inner courtyard for a building in sunlight with different living levels and a number windows and a set of blue doors. There are stairs in the shadow that provide entry into the inner courtyard.

The inner courtyard in the picture is a good represenation of what our intution is.

Our intution provides us with high vibrational energy, including the energy of our Creator, just the sunlight in the inner courtyard that is a step up on the stairs from the shadow.

Our intution provides us with internal information from many different levels of information, just like the different living levels in the inner courtyard.

Our inutition provides us with information to view a life situation in a number of different way, both from the outside in and from the inside out, just like all the windows in the inner courtyard.

Our intution also provides us with information that “opens the door” to one or more new opportunities we can decide to take advantage of, just like the set of blue doors in the inner courtyard.

So how do you make your intuition your first sense and take advantage of the information it is providing to you to make a positive impact in your life instead of listening to your ego instead? Look for the following feelings that come from your intuition.

  1. Peace – Your intution always provides feelings of peace especially in the area of your heart. In contrast, your ego provides feelings of chaos and conflict.
  2. Confidence – Your initution always provides feelings of confidence. In contrast, your ego provides feelings of fear and uncertainity.
  3. Clarity – Your intution always provides feelings of clarity. In contrast, your ego provides feelings of confusion and ambiguity.
  4. Complete – Your initution always provides feelings of completeness. In contrast your ego provides feelings that something is missing and absent.

When you have doubts about any current life situation you may be facing, turn inward, sit quietly and listen to your intuition. You will find the answers you need.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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Photo: Love Infinity

I love to close my eyes, turn inward and check in with my intuition every single day.

Love Infinity

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