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Photo: Love Infinity

Letter – S: Spiral, Stillness

One of the universal symbols found in virtually all cultures and religions is the spiral.

A spiral is defined as “a continuous and gradually widening upward curve that relates to advancement to higher levels through a series of cyclical movements.”

Spirals are a common shape found in nature. There are spiral shaped galaxies and spiral shaped weather patterns, including hurricanes. The DNA double helix, flowers, plants, animal shells and animal horns, all include spiral shapes.

Many people perceive their own journey through life on their own soul path as a linear path, or a path along a straight line. They believe they move forward from point A to point B, to point C, etc. through time from birth to death experiencing the highs and lows of their soul growth lessons along the way.

However, many mind-body-spirit practitioners believe that our journey through life is actually on an upward spiral shaped path. Similar to a path followed by walking up on a spiral staircase.

As you face challenges and learn your lessons, you grow and expand your consciousness. As you do so, you move upwards to new levels of consciousness. So your soul growth is actually cyclical.

As you follow your spiral path upwards, you often re-visit a same or similar situation from a higher vantage point from which you can observe with a greater clarity and make free will decisions to avoid old patterns and situations that no longer serve you.

Take a look at Love Infinity’s picture above. Her picture captures a curving staircase that allows a visitor to ascend to a higher level on a mountain. The staircase does not take visitor straight up, but curves and winds around the mountain it is a part of.

Her picture also includes rows of multi-colored flowers which soften a visitors perception of the stone surface of the landing and the stone staircase and provide a burst of color and an element of stillness, beauty and calm.

Her picture represents what your soul path may look like, curving upward to higher levels of consciousness and including softening of your emotions as you view your path from progressively higher levels of consciousness, even if you are repeating your soul lessons.

So how do you view your own soul path? Do you view it as a linear path or a spiral path?

Which would make a bigger positive impact in your life?

What are the advantages of viewing your own soul path and your journey through life as being on spiral path?

  1. Awareness – Viewing your soul path as a spiral path gives you a greater sense of awareness of yourself, who you are and what you have come here to accomplish. Such awareness provides you with an element of stillness, beauty and calm in your own life.
  2. Connection – Viewing your soul path as a spiral path gives you a greater sense of connection to people and your environment as you observe all the spirals that occur naturally around you.
  3. Progress – Viewing your soul path as a spiral path allows you to observe your own progress and achievements from progressively higher levels as you face, overcome and grow from the challenges that arise in your life.
  4. Expansion – Viewing your soul path as a spiral path allows you to further expand your consciousness in energetic waves along an upward spiral that allow you to reach higher and higher levels of stillness, peace, calm and soul growth.

Your soul path is not a linear path. Instead it is a spiral path leading you to higher and higher levels of consciousness and stillness during your lifetime.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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Photo: Love Infinity
Photo: Love Infinity

Viewing the beauty of spirals in plants and flower petals in nature helps still my mind and keep me calm.

Love Infinity

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