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Letter – O: Oneness, openness to change.

During your lifetime, you are exposed to many different types of experiences. Many of the experiences are positive. However, some are negative.

Each negative experience you encounter, especially if the experience was painful for you or caused you some type of physical, emotional, mental, psycological or sexual harm or abuse, creates another energetic layer that you carry around and that ultimately defines who you are, how you react to your own reality and how other people observe and interact with you. These negative experiences also become part of your “story” that you tell over and over to anyone who will listen.

These energetic layers of negative experiences act also as erosive forces that separate you futher and futher from the energy of a higher power that is identified by many different names including the energy of the Creator, Source energy, Divine energy, energy of the Universe and the many different names of God as defined by the religions of the world, etc. I am going to identify this energy as the energy of the Creator.

The more separate we become from the oneness of the energy of the Creator, the worse we feel and the more likely we are to experience negative emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, guilt, shame, embarassement, etc. on a daily basis.

The less separate we are from the oneness of the energy of the Creator, the better we feel and the more likely we are to experience positive emotions such as love, joy, happiness, hope, optimission, confidence, etc. on a daily basis.

Take a look at Love Infinity’s picture above. Assume for a moment that you are one of the sea stacks in the ocean in the picture. Sea stacks typically form when sedimentary rocks including multiple horizontal layers are subject to the erosive forces of water and wind. A sedimentary rock is a type of rock that is formed by the accumulation of small particles and the subsequent cementing of the particles together into to multiple layers, one on top of another.

In this picture, the sea stacks with their multiple layers have been separated from the coastline by the forces of water and wind erosion. Even though they have been separated from the coastline, they are still connected to the coastline by the ocean of salt water.

Like the sea stacks, no matter how much separation you have created for yourself, or think you have created for yourself, you are always connected to the energy of the Creator by an ocean of positive, loving energy.

So how do you reduce your separation from the energy of the Creator and lessen the impact of multiple energetic layers of your negative experiences? Consider the following steps to your separation and make a positive impact in your life.

  1. Identification: Identify each negative experience that have caused you to create a negative energetic layer for yourself. This step may be difficult, but is necessary. When you identify something something negative in your life, it has less power of you. Write, then say “I am identifying ____________________.”
  2. Acknowledgement: Acknowledge the existence of each negative experience you have identified. You cannot change what has happened to you. The experiences are already in the past. However, you can change how you react to the negative experiences you have encountered rigth now and moving forward. Write, then say “I acknowledging _____________________.”
  3. Gratitude: Be grateful you were able to identify and acknowledge your negative experiences. They have in part, made you the person you are right now. We live our lives by contrasts. By identifying and acknowledging your negative experiences, you understand what you do not want, more negative experiences of the same or similar type. Therefore you can now focus in on what you do want, more positive experiences of all kinds. Write, then say “I am grateful and thankful for________________________________.”
  4. Release: There is an old saying, if you are hanging onto something, you must have a need for it. Since you do not need any of these negative experiences or their associated emotions, release the need for them. When you release the need for your negative experiences, you lessen their energetic impact on your life and allow more positive energetic experiences to enter your life. To begin to release a negative experience, write, then say “I am releasing the need for _____________.” Releasing the need for negative experiences also reduces your separation from the energy of the Creator and helps you create a brand new Story.

Oneness is no longer being separate or separated from the energy of the Creator. Openess is an honest way of talking or behaving in which you accept changes, new ideas, and new methods.

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Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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Photo: Love Infinity

My favorite way to release the need for holding onto my negative experiences, connecting to the energy of the Creator and to be open to change, is to walk barefoot in the ocean.

Love Infinity

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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