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Photo: Love Infinity

Letter V: vibration.

Everything in the world is composed of energy, that is constantly in motion. All energy has a vibrational frequency, how fast the energy is moving.

Even objects that appear to be solid and stationary, like rocks and trees, are in fact vibrating, oscillating, resonating, at various vibrational frequencies.

The Hertz (Hz) is a unit used to measure frequency and is defined as defined as one cycle per second.

Various scientific researchers have determined the human body as a whole has a fundamental resonant frequency to be in the range from 5-10 Hz (i.e., 5-10 cycles-per-second).

One of the most important components of the vibrational frequency of humans is the vibrations of emotions.

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Again various scientific researchers have determined that negative human emotions such as shame, guilt and fear have lower vibrational frequencies (e.g., shame about 20 Hz, guilt about 30 Hz and fear about 100 Hz).

If you are experiencing negative emotions, your vibrational energy is a lower frequency and is heavy and dense.

In contrast positive human emotions such as peace, joy and love have higher vibrational frequencies. (e.g., peace about 600 Hz, joy about 540 Hz and love about 500 Hz).

If you experience more positive emotions, your vibrational energy is a higher frequency and is light and open.

Higher vibrational frequencies actually create waves of positive energy that transcend physical matter.

There is a Divine law or law of the Universe that states with respect to energy and vibrational frequencies, “like attracts like.” So you attract into your reality and the Universe matches you with people and situations that are vibrating at a similar vibrational frequency that you are sending out.

Take a look at Love Infinity’s picture above. Her picture captures a group of trees growing up high and tall and curving their growth paths to stay in the sunlight while firmly grounded into the earth. Like all living things, trees also have a specific vibrational frequency of about 10 Hz to 240 Hz, depending on the type of tree, with an average of about 200 Hz.

Scientific researchers have determined the average vibrational frequency of trees is similar to vibrational frequency of the human emotion of courage or about 200 Hz. That is one reason why it feels so relaxing being in the woods around trees.

Trees are channels for positive Divine energy to flow as their branches reach up into the sunlight and at the same time their roots reach deep into the earth.

How do keep your emotional vibrational frequency high, at least at the frequency of courage, and at the same time stay centered and grounded like trees?

How can you keep your vibrational frequency high while experiencing positive growth and allowing Divine light to flow through you as a channel to make positive impacts in your life? Consider these four steps.

  1. Be Aware of Your Emotions – Since like attracts like, need to be fully aware of your emotions and the vibrational frequency you are sending out at all times during the day. For example, if you are feeling angry, you will attract angry people and angry situations. If you are feeling happy, you will attract happy people and happy situations.
  2. Dynamically Shift Negative Emotions – Once you are aware of your emotions, if you experiencing any negative emotions, you can easily dynamically shift yourself to another more positive emotion. For example, if you are feeling angry (150 Hz), you can easily shift your emotion to courage (200 Hz) like the trees or to neutral (250 Hz) without much effort. You can dynamically shift your emotions by: (a) taking 3-4 deep breathes in which you inhale and exhale for the same amount of time; and (b) consciously focusing in on the positive emotion you desire to feel. You will shift your vibrational frequency towards the positive emotion you desire to feel.
  3. Express Gratitude – Embracing and maintaining the feeling and emotion of gratitude produces a very high-frequency vibration, creating a powerful attraction point for positive experiences. An emotion of gratitude includes joy (540 Hz) can reach and maintain a vibrational frequency of almost 900 Hz for short periods of time. To express gratitude, write, then say “I am grateful and thankful for________________________________” all of the things you can think up you are grateful and thankful for on a daily basis.
  4. Love Yourself – Treat yourself well. Eat the right foods, stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, follow you soul path, listen to your intuition, turn inward and be still, stay as close to you can to the energy of the Creator, trust, integrate what you have learned into your daily life. Treat others well and try to be of service to others when you can. If you love (500 Hz) yourself and treat others well, you will generate and maintain a high vibrational frequency and attract the people and situations into your life you truly desire.

Keeping your vibrational frequency as high as possible will allow you to attract higher vibrational energy people.

Out There on the Edge of Everything®…

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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Infographic: Stephen Lesavich

Photo: Love Infinity

Since I am Love Infinity, I keep my emotional vibrational frequency at a minimum level of love (500 Hz) every minute of every day. Even when I am having a day when I am feeling a little down, and everybody does from time to time, I keep my vibrational frequency high by spending time in the sunlight or nature. I also keep myself grounded and connected to the earth by walking barefoot in the ocean or hugging a tree everyday.

Love Infinity

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