Positive Impact Global – Inspiration Project – Letter-8 – “E”

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Photo: Love Ininity

Letter E: empowered.

Empowered is a defined as “making someone stronger and more confident, especially in controlling his/her life and claiming his/her fundamental rights. “

Being empowered, is knowing exactly who you are, knowing you are supported by a higher power, knowing your own identity, having a vision for yourself and others, having confidence and being optimistic. You generate and maintain a high vibrational frequency (600 Hz).

Being empowered you know that you are never alone in anything you do and in any challenging situation you face. You are always supported by the energy of a higher power, the energy the Creator.

Being empowered, you know your own identity. Your identity is knowing “who you are, the way you think about yourself (your major and minor life boundaries), the way you are viewed by the world (your vibrational frequency) and the characteristics that define you (your soul plan and your own unique superpowers).

Being empowered, also means you have a vision that goes beyond yourself and sees the bigger picture for yourself and others. Your vision includes those things you can see with your eyes and your intuition, those things you just know and feel are right for you.

Being empowered, you are confident, you know that you will not be affected by internal or external events, situations or relationships and can always arrive at an outcome that you desire.

Being empowered, you are optimistic, you are close to the energy of the Creator and you create a positive upwards spiral of energetic and emotional expansion. Your vibration frequency is generated and maintained at a high level (520+ Hz).

Take a look at Love Infinity’s picture above. Her picture captures a plant in a metal pot that is empowered. It has grown up straight and tall in its environment, is supported by channel in stone wall and has produced many beautiful yellow flowers.

Assume you are the plant in the metal pot int the picture. You are empowered and are growing up straight and tall in your environment.

So what steps can you take to empower yourself and make a positive impact in your own life?

  1. Honor Yourself – An empowered persons honors themselves and loves themselves at a very deep level. They appreciate who they have become and who and what they are in the present moment in their journey through life.
  2. Have an Inner Knowing – An empowered person operates from an inner knowing that comes from their intuition and feelings and their connection with a higher power. They understand that their internal beliefs and external interactions are for their highest good based on their own unique soul plan.
  3. Operate with Integrity – An empowered person operates with integrity. Integrity is about being authentic and being who they really with every person, situation and event they encounter. Operating with integrity is also keeping an open mind, considering and accepting viewpoints other than their own and gaining knowledge and growth by experiencing contrasts during their journey through life.
  4. Take Responsibility – An empowered person takes responsibility for their own thoughts actions and understand they co-create everything in their own lives. They do not accept the “victim” mentality or blame anyone else or anything else for the challenges they encounter in their life.

If you empower yourself and stand in your power, you can lead the life your truly desire.

Out There on the Edge of Everything®…

Stephen Lesavich, PhD

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Certified solution-focused life coach and experienced business coach.

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Infographic: Dr. Stephen Lesavich

Photo: Love Infinity

I have learned to stand up straight and strong with confidence and empower myself with Dr. Stephen Lesavich’s help and the help of others after facing my own very difficult life challenges in the past few years. I live our “positive impact global” philosophies based on our cornerstones of love, adventure, fun, elegance, positivity and collaboration every moment of every day of my life as an empowered woman.

Love Infinity

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